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AE Tax (AU)

ARTICLE LAST UPDATED: 30/06/2016 1:04:00 AM

MYOB Support may request or recommend that you manually edit the estimate as a temporary solution to provide an accurate reflection of the taxpayer's situation.

This support article will step you through the process of editing a tax estimate.

How to manually edit a tax estimate
  1. Open the tax return and press F4. The taxation estimate for that financial year appears.
  2. Click the Microsoft Word icon labeled External report edit. The Taxation Estimate opens in Microsoft Word.
  3. Edit and print the tax estimate as required. The changes are made.
  4. Click Save As if you need to save the changes. The document is saved as selected.
If the F4 Tax Estimate button is not functioning, please refresh system services links. The links below have been provided based on the software platform that you may be using. Please select the appropriate support article for the product that you are registered for.