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Data Entry

For data entry navigation purposes, the return items are categorised and presented on a set of tab cards:

MYOB worksheets

MYOB Worksheets for dissection and record-keeping purposes only. Worksheets are not lodged with the return:

Base rate entity eligibility testsbre
Capital gains worksheet (select Populate BW to add the ATO CGT schedule to lodge)g
Capital works deductions sbw
Consolidation eligibility (head) ce
Consolidation eligibility (subsidiary)ces
Consolidated group membership register cgm
Consolidated groups transferred tax losses schedulectl
Consolidation losses clw
Division 7 dividends and debenturesddb
Distributions from partnerships dip
Distributions received from trustsdit
Early stage investor offset esi
Early stage venture capital limited partnership (ESVCLP)esv
Foreign income for
Forestry managed investment schemefms
Franking account tax returnfar
Franking account worksheetsxfa
Franking deficit tax offset fdt
Gross dividends div
Intangible/Tangible depreciating assetsit
Interest incomeint
Interest on early paymentsepi
Interest on no-TFN tax offset ito
Interest paid on loans hcx
Landcare and water facility tax offset lcr
Losses transferred in, out or carried forward hi3
Motor vehicle expensesmve
Non-refundable carry forward tax offsets (Calculation statement - label D)ncf
Non-refundable non-carry forward tax offsets (Calculation statement - label C)nro
Other addition Itemsadd
Other deductions otd
Other gross incomeog1
Other subtraction Items sub
PAYGI instalment rate and GDP adjusted calculationsxPC
Prior year losses pyl
Refundable tax offsets (Calculation Statement - label E)rto
Rental property worksheet ren
Small business entity depreciating assets worksheet sda
Small business entities eligibility worksheet sbe

Processes for company returns

Complete a What-if PAYG Income Instalment Estimate by selecting Preparation > Schedule > pgC. See PAYG Instalment Income Worksheet (pgC) - Form C.

You can import values from the current income year's return or the two immediately prior year returns.

Other processes performed for returns include:

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