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When an employee finishes their employment, you'll typically process a final pay. This will ensure — this ensures that all leave balances are paid out. However, if you need to remove an terminate and employee from Payroll without processing a final pay, here's how to do it. We'll also step you through what to do if an ex-employee starts working for you again.Note that you can't remove ex-employees from Payroll as follow the steps below.

When an employee finishes and you terminate their employment, they remain in Payroll as an Ex-Employee. This is because the software needs to retain the employee pay history.

If you have terminated an employee in Payroll and that employee starts working for you again, follow the steps below to reinstate an ex-employee.


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titleTo remove an employee from Payroll without paying a final pay
  1. Go to the Maintenance command centre and click Maintain Employee.
  2. Click Select Employee .Click the applicable employee and choose the relevant employee, then click OK.
  3. Click the Leave Details tab.
  4. Click the Annual Leave & Holiday Pay tab.
  5. Ensure the Holiday Pay Due and Current Annual Leave due amounts are zero. Manually overtype overwrite these figures to 0.00 if required. See our example below.
  6. Click the Other Leave tab.
  7. Ensure the Current Alternative Holidays Due amount is zero (under the Alternative Holidays heading). Manually overtype overwrite this figure to 0.00 if required. See our example below. Image
  8. Click the Employment Details tab.
  9. Enter the employee's Finished Date as shown in the following example.

The employee will now be shown as an Ex-Employeeemployee:

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titleTo reinstate an ex-employee

Ex-employees shouldn't be reinstated in your Payroll software. Instead, you should When a previous employee begins working for you again, add a new employee and copy the required details from their original record.

To do this:

  1. Click Maintain Employees.
  2. Press the F4 key to add a new employee.
  3. Enter an Employee Code. This must be different ot to the employee's original code.
  4. Enter the employee's First Names and Last Name.
  5. Click in the Copy the following information from Employee Code field and press the F9 key to select the relevant employee you wish to copy details from.
  6. Select the information you want to copy. Details can be changed once the employee is added.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Close.
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