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Before you start

This belongs to a series of articles about getting your website found on Google and other search engines. We suggest that you read Getting found on Google and other search engines before you read this article.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a document or web page that shows the full structure of your website, and contains a list of all web pages within it. It's used to help search engines to accurately index your website. Indexing is the process wherein search engines collect and store information about your website, and then use this information to make your website appear in search results.

We automatically submit your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo for you, but if you want to submit it to other search engines, you'll need to do so manually.

How do I view my sitemap?

You don't need to create a sitemap for your website manually—we create and update your sitemap for you. To view your current sitemap, just type the following web address into your browser:

You'll need to replace <your_domain_name> with your own domain name (for example,

If you haven't registered a domain name yet, you'll need to replace <your_domain_name> with your temporary domain name (for example,

When will my sitemap be submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo?

We'll update and submit (or resubmit) your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo when you:

  • finish setting up your website
  • register a domain name in MYOB Atlas
  • update your account information
  • create or edit a news item
  • create or edit a gallery item
  • upload or edit a file.

What's next?

Once your website has been indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can start thinking about how to improve your website's search ranking. For guidelines on how to do so, see Improving your website's search ranking.

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