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AccountEdge sends emails through Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 or Apple Mail (Mac Mail). Other email programs might work, but because they haven't been tested they're not officially supported. See how to set your default email program or email address.

If you're getting an error or experiencing another email issue, check below for a solution.

Want to know how to email? See the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand). 

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Known issue: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and Mac Mail

There is a known issue with attempting to email directly from AccountEdge to Mac Mail on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The PDF of the invoice or purchase, etc. will not be attached to the email when sending directly from AccountEdge. We’ve reported this as a bug to Apple and are awaiting a fix to address this issue. This only occurs in Mail and does not occur when sending emails through Outlook.

An AccountEdge update is now available. See Emailing from AccountEdge using Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan for more information.

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titleEmail errors



This error can occur when emailing from AccountEdge when:

  • there are special characters (such as * \ - & : etc.) in your email subject or message. Also make sure there are no special characters in the name of your hard drive or any of the folders in the path to your company file
  • your email message begins with double quotation marks (") If you've confirmed the above don't apply to you, open the sample company file (Clearwater) and email something to yourself. If this is successful, it means AccountEdge's email functionality is fine, so the issue will be related to something in your company file, or the specific email you're trying to send.

If the error persists, reinstall AccountEdge.

Check the following:

  • Make sure your email program is compatible with AccountEdge (only Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 or Apple Mail (Mac Mail) are compatible).
  • Security software on your computer might be preventing the email from being sent. Try temporarily disabling security programs (antivirus, firewall, etc.) to see if they are the cause.
  • A temporary PDF file on your computer is preventing the document from being created and emailed. See Error: "I/O Error -5000 in Reset Routine" for more information.
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titleOther email issues
Pictures are missing from my emailed attachmentsMake sure QuickTime is installed on your computer. See Logo not displaying in customised forms for more information.
Sent emails aren't appearing in my email program's Outbox or Sent Items folderMake sure Outlook or Mac Mail is set as your default email program. See Setting your default email program or email address for more information. 
A field is missing from my emailed attachment, but shows if the document is printed.Customise the form and make the field slightly larger. For help customising your forms, see the AccountEdge help (Australia | New Zealand)
PDFs are not being attached to my emails

Security software might be interfering with the email being sent from AccountEdge. Try temporarily disabling security software (antivirus, firewall, etc.) to see if this identifies the program which might be interfering. You might need help from an IT person to resolve this issue.

As a temporary workaround, you can re-send the email from your email program's Outbox or Sent Items folder, or save the document as a PDF file and manually attach it to an email. To save a document as a PDF file from AccountEdge, display the document then click Send To and choose PDF.

I want to remove emails waiting to be sent (without sending them)

Open the transaction and change the Delivery Status to Already Printed or Sent. If you have lots of emails waiting that you don't want to send, disconnect your computer from the internet, "send" the emails from AccountEdge, then delete them from the Outbox in your email program. You can then reconnect your computer to the internet.

I can't select a specific customer or supplier when emailing.

Make sure the customer or supplier's card isn't set to Inactive (check on the Profile Tab of their card).

Be aware that customer statements can't be emailed if the customers outstanding balance is zero. Similarly, supplier remittance advices can't be emailed if the supplier accounts payable balance is zero.

How do I set "To Be Emailed" as the default invoice delivery method for a customer?You can set the Invoice Delivery preference on the Selling Details tab of the customer's card.
Sent emails include an attachment called "Winmail.dat"

If Outlook is set up to compose emails in Rich Text Format, Outlook will sometimes attach a file called "Winmail.dat" to your emails. To stop this, ensure Outlook is set up to compose emails in HTML or Plain Text. This setting is usually under the Mail settings in Outlook.

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titleWhich email programs can I use to send emails?

AccountEdge only supports Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 and Mac Mail. If you usually send emails via a web email service, such as Gmail, you can most likely access and send emails from Microsoft Outlook via IMAP or POP.

You'll need to refer to your email provider's instructions on how to access and send emails from Outlook, but here's some information that might help you out:

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