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Emailing payslips can save you time and money, and they are simple to set up in Ace Payroll. You can email payslips to some or all of your employees.

Follow the steps below to set up either SMTP or cloud delivery, then choose which employees you will email payslips to.

Cloud delivery

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titleTo enable cloud delivery for payslips
  1. From the front screen, click Produce Payslips > Setup > Emailed Payslips.
  2. Click Advanced Settings and click Cloud Delivery. A tick appears.
  3. Click OK.
  4. If you want to, click Send Test Email.
  5. Click Ok OK, then Ok OK again, then click Go GO, and you're done.
    Your payslips will now be emailed using Ace Payroll's cloud delivery service.

SMTP delivery

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title1. Find your Internet Provider settings

For Ace Payroll to correctly send emailed payslips, it needs to know the settings of your Internet Service Provider.

There is no way the Ace Payroll help desk can know what your settings are, so you may need to call your Internet Provider to check.

Contact your Internet Provider. Say "I'm trying to email payslips from my payroll program. They have asked me to ask you a few things."

Ask your provider the following questions and make a note of the answers.

  1. What SMTP Address do I need to enter?

  2. Do I need SMTP Authentication?
    If yes, what is my username and password? (you may know this already)

  3. Do I need to enter a port number?
    If yes, what is this number?

  4. Do I need SSL or is SSL optional?
    If yes, is there a way to do it without SSL? (Ace Payroll does not support SSL)

If your settings are fine but something is still blocking outbound SMTP, it could be your anti-virus software. Programs like McAfee and Norton can block outbound SMTP. Check whether you have these or similar programs and make a note of them.

Once you've got the above answers feel free to give us a call so we can talk you through setup and testing.

If you still cannot email payslips using your own Internet Provider settings, Ace Payroll has a cloud delivery option.

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title2. Enter your email address and SMTP host
  1. From the front screen click Produce Payslips > Setup.

  2. Click Emailed PayslipsEdit Email Setup.
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    Enter your SMTP Host, then click Go.

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  3. Click Employer's Email Address.

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  4. Enter a business email address, then click Go GO. This email address will be shown as the sender when your employees receive their payslips.
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  5. Click Ok SMTP Host.

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  6. Enter your SMTP Host, then click GO.

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  7. Click OK to close the windows, and our company setup is complete.


Choose which employees to email payslips to

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titleSet payslips to be emailed
  1. From the front screen click Produce Payslips.

  2. Click All Employees. A green tick appears.

  3. Click GoGO. The Regular Payslips report window appears.

  4. In the Payslip Type column, click the blue text that says Printed for each employee you want to email payslips to.

  5. Select Emailed and enter their email address, then click Go.


You can also use Employee Setup to set an individual payslip to be emailed.

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titleUse Employee Setup to set individual payslips to be emailed
  1. From the front screen click Employee, then click Modify Employee Details and select an employee.

  2. In the Personnel tab click Payslip Type and select Emailed.

  3. Click Go.

  4. In the Email field, type in the employee’s email address.

  5. Click OK to save your changes. and the employee setup is complete.








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