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titleAugust 2020

6 August

  • Transaction processing usability enhancements: You can now assign staff members to a client in MYOB Practice. We've also made a few usability enhancements, including a new way of filtering files, a detailed client file view, and some style changes for a new look and feel. Learn more.

5 August:

  • Corporate admin detailed share history: You can now track individual share parcels and keep a detailed register of all your current and previous shareholders. Learn more.
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titleJuly 2020

1 July:

  • Create and update AE/AO contacts from Corporate admin: When you create a new contact or update an existing contact’s details from Corporate admin, we’ll now create a contact, or update the contact’s details in AE/AO for you. Changes to name and addresses will also be refected in AE/AO. Learn more.
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titleJune 2020

3 June:

  • Staff roles: If you’re an MYOB Partner with administrator privileges, and you don’t use MYOB AE/AO in your practice, you can now assign the Administrator role to other staff. Learn more.
  • Staff access to MYOB Practice: If you use MYOB AE/AO and have administrator privileges, you can now see a list of staff members with access to MYOB Practice. Just click the Settings icon on the left of MYOB Practice and choose Staff. Learn more.
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titleMay 2020

21 May:

  • Accelerated depreciation rules: The ATO introduced the option for small businesses to deduct the cost of depreciating assets at an accelerated rate. We've updated the Assets page to let you use the accelerated depreciation rate. To apply the rate, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Learn more.

11 May:

UI Text Box

This feature is available if you are part of the Compliance beta program. To opt-in, contact MYOB Support or email us.

  • Financial reports: The newly arrived Financial reports feature completes the compliance workflow in MYOB Practice. It will create a professional set of financial reports which are easy to use, customisable for your practice, and most importantly, will automatically bring across any data entered in a tax return. This first release includes a basic set of statutory reports, with limited customisation. Reports for Companies is available first, with Trusts and Partnerships coming soon. Learn more.

UI Expand
titleApril 2020

7 April:

  • Enhanced user interface: MYOB Practice has a slick new look. To make things easy to find onscreen, the left menu bar is darker, and client and staff avatars have a splash of colour. Colours are given to avatars randomly, but each avatar keeps their given colour throughout MYOB Practice.

  • Corporate admin in Contacts: You can now view or unlink registered companies, officers and shareholders linked to your client, from Contacts in MYOB Practice. Learn more.
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titleFebruary 2020

20 February:

  • Advisory: Advisory reports now include a detailed accounts payable analysis that highlights who and what clients owe, and which payments to focus on first. Great for keeping their cashflow, and supplier relationships, in check. Learn more


12 February:

  • Asset register (New Zealand only): We're doing great things on Compliance for New Zealand in 2020. For now, access your online asset register via Transaction Processing.
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UI Expand
titleDecember 2019

17 December:

  • My List: The last 5 clients you accessed will now appear in the Recent section of Client sidebar. You can keep a client permanently in My List by pinning them.

  • Client workspace: You can now access a client's workspace page by clicking their name in the Contacts list.

16 December:

  • Coding reports: Now you can choose to email coding reports to your clients direct from MYOB Practice.

    Just select Email sent to client as the delivery preference in the client’s coding report settings, and when you generate a coding report for the client we’ll email them a unique link to access their report.

  • Protecting your clients' details: In MYOB Practice, you can email an AccountRight v19 file owner and ask them to upload their file so you can upgrade it to the latest version. Previously, we'd automatically fill the owner's name and email address in the email dialogues based on the serial number you entered. Now, to protect the AccountRight file owner's details, we'll no longer prefill their name or email address - you will need to enter these details.
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titleNovember 2019

18 November:

  • Clients: Now you can restrict access to clients whose details and activities you want to keep confidential. Only administrators and the selected staff members will be able to view or edit their details.

    • If you're an MYOB Partner and don’t use MYOB AE/AO, you can set up client restrictions within MYOB Practice.

    • If you use MYOB AE, or MYOB AO (NZ), the Team Security settings you define in your desktop software will apply automatically in MYOB Practice.

    Learn what can be restricted, and how to set up restrictions on the Restrict access to clients help page.

    Note that we’re rolling out these features over the next two weeks, so these features may not be immediately available to your practice.


  • MYOB Advisor: Advisory reports now include profitability charts.

    You can analyse:
    • profit (dollars): Gross, operating and net profit (monthly and cumulative). 

    • profit margin (percentages): Gross, operating and net profit. 

    • current profit results versus previous period results 

    • actual profits versus budgets. 


7 November:

  • Assets: We've updated Assets to support the upcoming individual tax return release in Compliance.
    You can access an asset register that is not integrated into a ledger.
    You can create:
    • a business asset class by linking to an account code
    • a personal asset class by not linking to an account code

A personal asset class and the associated assets won't appear under the Accounting tab. Accounting details aren't required when you add a personal asset.

We've also enhanced the user interface when you add an asset class. The taxation integrated accounts will only be displayed after you select a Link to account.

UI Expand
titleOctober 2019

14 October:

  • BAS: We've updated our designs in line with MYOB Practice and made some improvements to make it easier to create, manage and lodge activity statements online. For more information, visit our FAQs: Activity statement upgrade page.

8 October:

  •  Clients: To help you stay on top of your clients we’ve introduced the Client workspace page. It shows you a client’s contact details, linked portal, tasks, MYOB Essentials or AccountRight file, and open compliance work (Australia only) all on the one page.

    To access a client’s workspace, the client needs to be added to My List. We’ll automatically show you a client’s workspace the first time you select them from My List in a session. You can view a workspace again at any time by clicking their name in the top menu bar. Learn more
UI Expand
titleAugust 2019

29 August:

  • MYOB Advisor: If you’ve spent time and effort setting up budgets for your MYOB Essentials and AccountRight clients, good news – you can now instantly add budget comparisons to the revenue and expense charts and narratives in their advisory reports!

    For MYOB Essentials files, you can choose which budget to compare when creating a new report.

    For AccountRight files, you can only set up one budget per file, so just click the Budget checkbox and you’re set.

1 August:

  • Clients: If you use MYOB AE/AO in your practice, your general contacts, the ones who are not marked as "clients", will now sync with MYOB Practice. This means your clients and general contacts will all be accessible from MYOB Practice.

    UI Text Box

    This feature has just started rolling out, so you might not see it just yet.

    • To enable this sync, make sure you've activated contact migration.
    • Use the new filter to see just your clients, just your general contacts, or a combined list.
  • To help differentiate individuals from other organisations in your contact list, the person's initials will now be shown in a circle, while all other entity types will still show in a square.

  • We've renamed the Clients menu bar item to Contacts, and the Client list button to Contact list.
UI Expand
titleJuly 2019

31 July:

  • We've renamed the Portal notifications settings page to Email notifications. This is in preparation of some new features we're working on that are beyond the scope of portals. Stay tuned...


23 July:

  • Tax (Australia): Now all MYOB AE/AO Tax users can see the status of their clients' activity statements on the Transaction processing page. Just select the Refresh ATO details daily option on the Tax settings page to turn it on. Learn more


10 July:

Assets in a browser:

UI Text Box

These features are available if you are part of the Assets beta program. To opt in, contact MYOB Support or email to

  • You can now import assets into the asset register using a CSV file that you have created in Excel, or exported from another system. Learn more about quickly adding a number of assets to the asset register instead of adding them one by one. 

  • You can attach any related documents to an asset by clicking the paperclip icon or by dragging and dropping the document in the expanded view of an asset.

  • You can now perform bulk actions on multiple assets by selecting two or more assets and then choosing your bulk action: transfer, sell, unsell or delete.

  • Lock and unlock the asset register when needed. This prevents accidental changes to an asset, which will cause a re-calculation of depreciation values for the current year and later years.
    • If you lock the asset register for the current year, any available prior years are locked.
    • If you unlock the asset register for the current year, any available subsequent years are unlocked.



8 July:

MYOB Advisor:

  • This year vs last year: You can now easily compare this year's and last year's results, side by side, on these reports:
    • Revenue
    • Cumulative revenue
    • Cost of sales
    • Operating expenses
  • Simplified cumulative revenue: Monthly revenue results no longer show as bars on the Cumulative revenue chart. This makes the chart easier to read, and if you need this information, you can view it in the Revenue chart.
UI Expand
titleMay 2019

31 May:

  • Client details: Now you can see which portal a client belongs to from the Client Details page. And if they don't have a portal yet, you can either create one for them or add them to an existing portal.


08 May:

  • Coding reports: You can now specify default coding report frequencies for each client. Then you can filter the Transaction processing page to show just the clients you need to prepare coding reports for. Learn more

06 May:

  • Client list: Now you can see key information about your clients from the main Client list page. You can see their primary contact name, phone number and email address in the main list, as well as their ABN or IRD numbers.

  • Coding reports: We've tweaked the coding report workflow a little, so that you now select the transaction date range on the first screen.

UI Expand
titleApril 2019

15 April:

  • Tax: For MYOB Partners in Australia who don't use MYOB AE/AO in their practice, you can now prepare and lodge activity statements for your clients using MYOB Practice. It's a secure and integrated workflow that lets you request digital signatures as approval for their forms, saving lots of time and effort. Watch the video, and read more here.

02 April:

  • Transaction processing: For MYOB Partners who don't use MYOB AE/AO in their practice, you can now create a client on the Transaction processing page and link them to their MYOB Essentials or MYOB AccountRight file in the one workflow. When creating a client this way, some of their details will be prefilled for you based on their file information. Click Link/Create client for a file to give it a go. Learn more

01 April:

  • MYOB Advisor: For more consistency and clarity, we've simplified the titles of most charts in the advisory report:

    UI Expand
    titleRevised chart titles

    Previous chart titles 

    New chart titles 

    Revenue summary 

    Revenue – last 12 months  

    Cumulative year-to-date revenue vs. prior year 

    Cumulative revenue - Year to date 

    Top customers by revenue 

    Top customers by revenue - Month/Period 

    Top products by revenue 

    Top products by revenue - Month/Period 

    Cash flow summary 

    Cash flow overview - Month/Period 

    Cash balance trend 

    Cash balance - Last 12 months 

    Cash at Bank 

    Cash at bank 

    Cost of sales summary - Last 12 months 

    Cost of sales - Last 12 months 

    Operating expenses summary- Last 12 months 

    Operating expenses - Last 12 months 

    Top operating expense 

    Top operating expenses - Month/Period 

    Operating expenses variation 

    Operating expenses variation 

    Accounts receivable breakdown 

    Aged receivables 

    Accounts receivable monthly balance 

    Receivables balance - Last 12 months 

    Current top debtors 

    Top debtors by amount owed 

    Top debtors invoice summary 

    Top debtors’ outstanding invoices 

    Outliers report: 

    1. Invoices more than 3 months 

    2. Largest invoices to pay attention to 


    1. Invoices overdue more than 3 months 

    2. Largest overdue invoices  

    Business performance  

    Performance summary 

    Business position  

    Financial position  

UI Expand
titleFebruary 2019

07 February:

  • For each portal you can now choose 'bulk task assignees', that is, the people who should be assigned tasks created from the Transaction processing page. Previously these tasks would be assigned to all full access users.
  • The Create task feature on the Transaction processing page has been updated. You can now drag-and-drop files into the task from your PC, and the task will be assigned to 'bulk task assignees' if they have been set up, instead of all full-access users.
UI Expand
titleJanuary 2019

29 January:

  • The Documents and Tasks pages have been updated so you have easier access to the filters. We’ve also added counters to show how many documents (sent/received) or tasks (open/closed) are in the list, based on the selected client, or the filters you’ve applied to the list.

  • When creating a task, or adding comments, you can now attach files by dragging and dropping them from your PC into the task. You can even add multiple files at one time.

  • We’ve updated the MYOB AE/AO document publishing workflow, so it’s easier for you to get docs uploaded to your clients’ portals.

UI Expand
UI Expand
titleDecember 2018

7 December:

  • MYOB Advisor: To make it easier for your clients to review their business expenses, we’ve separated the “Cost of Sales & Operating Expenses Summary” line chart into two bar charts. This also gives you more flexibility as you can hide a chart if it isn’t relevant, or add more recommendations in the additional note field that’s now available.
UI Expand
titleNovember 2018

27 November:

  • MYOB Advisor: In response to your feedback, we've tweaked how historical data is presented in the following charts:
    • Revenue summary
    • Cash balance trend
    • Cost of sales and operating expenses summary
    • Accounts receivable monthly balance
    For these charts, we'll always show historical results for a full year, either as 12 individual months, 4 quarters, or 6 two-month periods (depending on the report filter you selected). Previously these reports would show 6 months, 6 quarters or 6 two-month periods.

7 November:

  • Navigation: If you're not using the new navigation, you'll notice we renamed the "Accounting" dashboard option in the side menu to "Transaction Processing". This more accurately describes what you can do on that page.
UI Expand
titleOctober 2018

29 October:

  • Navigation: If you’ve added a few clients to My List, good news! They’ll now show up on each device and browser you log into automatically. Previously, changes to My List were saved only on the device and browser you were using. And the list will be remembered, even if you clear your browser’s history and files.

23 October:

  • MYOB Advisor: If you hide a section or chart series and save the client's report, this setting will be remembered, and will apply when anyone creates a new report for that client.
UI Expand
titleSeptember 2018

24 September:

  • Navigation: The new client-centric navigation experience is now also available to users who don't use MYOB AE/AO in their practice. Click the "Try the new navigation" alert in the top right of the page to give it a go.

3 September:

  • MYOB Advisor: Previously for some advisory charts you could choose to hide one or more series when viewing the report (like shown below), but any changes you made wouldn't be saved, and they wouldn't appear in the exported report. Now if you edit a chart, the changes will be saved and reflected in the PDF report.
UI Expand
titleAugust 2018

15 August:

  • MYOB Advisor:
    • The & symbol now appears correctly in the PDF reports.
    • To avoid issues while you're editing a saved report, other users in your practice can't view the report until you close it.

9 August:

  • Navigation: A new client-centric navigation experience is here for you to try. This is available to all users who run MYOB AE/AO in their practice. Click the "Try the new navigation" alert in the top right of the page to give it a go.
UI Expand
titleJune 2018

22 June:

  • MYOB Advisor:
    • If you upload a client logo or practice logo that's larger than the maximum size of 1MB, you'll now get a message to let you know, rather than the generic "Something went wrong" message.
    • If at the report's end date a client file had inactive accounts with a $0 balance, those accounts won't be included in the report for that period.

20 June:

  • MYOB Advisor: We've replaced all "company" references in the advisory report to the more generic term "business", which should be suitable for more of your clients.
  • Accounting dashboard: We've updated the subscription pricing details that appear when you create a file, so you can easily see what offers and promotions are available to you, and when the offers will expire.

18 June:

  • MYOB Advisor: Advisory report PDFs now support foreign language characters.
  • Accounting dashboard: We've updated some terminology relating to businesses and files. For example, to create an MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Essentials file, you now click "Create file" in the Accounting dashboard instead of "Create a business".

14 June:

  • MYOB Advisor now available: With MYOB Advisor, you can now produce professional advisory reports in minutes for your MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials clients. Learn more.
UI Expand
titleMay 2018

Collaboration improvements: We've added some new features that make collaborating with clients more effective and efficient, including the ability to choose who gets notified when clients make comments or approve task documents, and who a task should appear to have been sent by. You can also brand the notification emails, create a practice alias, and select an administrator for each client portal. Learn more

Accounting dashboard improvements: Now you can check that completed periods in your client files have been locked—just look for the padlock icons on the dashboard. Learn more.

UI Expand
titleApril 2018

The Automated indicator on the Accounting dashboard now goes green when 50% or more of a client's transactions were automatically allocated using transaction rules in the previous 2 months.

UI Expand
titleFebruary 2018

You can now create general tasks from the Accounting dashboard, and assign the same task to several clients at once. Learn more

UI Expand
UI Expand
titleDecember 2017

The Accounting dashboard now helps you work more efficiently with MYOB AccountRight files that are online. See how many transactions need to be allocated for each company file, and which months need reconciling. Learn more.

UI Expand
titleNovember 2017

Task reminders: You can now resend a task as a reminder to clients and users who haven't completed their tasks. Learn more

View notification history: For all actions that create an email notification to or from your practice, you can now see when the email was delivered and opened, and if the link in the email was clicked. Learn more

UI Expand
titleMay 2017

The Accounting dashboard has been upgraded with powerful new features that make it easier for you to manage and work on your MYOB Essentials clients' business files. Learn more.

UI Expand
titleEarlier releases
UI Expand
titleDecember 2016

Improvements to Documents and Tasks

  • Improved performance: If you have lots of documents and tasks, we'll only list the first few, and then load more as you scroll, so you don't have to wait for the full list to appear before you can access your files or tasks.
    We've also tweaked the way the Status filter works in Tasks, so now you can filter and find what you want faster.

    UI Text Box

    Due to the change in the way the Tasks page loads, the number of open and completed tasks is no longer shown.  

  • Easier client filtering: Now you can search for a client by typing their name in the Client filter. We'll list the top 5 search results, and refine the list as you type more characters.
UI Expand
titleFebruary 2016
New Zealand clients are now able to select an Essentials payroll product from product catalogue pages.
UI Expand
titleJanuary 2016
  • You'll now be able to open an AccountRight business directly from the Accounting dashboard. There's just a few set up steps the first time you try and open an AccountRight business.
  • We've introduced pagination to your online and desktop business lists. 40 businesses are listed on a page. Use the page numbers and navigation at the bottom of the page to go to the next or previous pages.
  • We've grouped all the filter and sorting options together to make it easier for you to choose how you want your businesses displayed.
  • The Upgrade desktop business button on the Desktop businesses page has had a name change to Add to dashboard.
  • The Show details and Action buttons have been replaced with an .  
  • We've streamlined the workflow when you want to unlink a client from an online business.
UI Expand
titleDecember 2015

As well as creating a new Essentials business, you're now able to create a new AccountRight business. Once you've selected the business to create from a catalogue page, you'll be able to add the owner details (whether it's you or your client) and the financial year of the AccountRight business.

UI Expand
title10 November 2015

We've introduced a Share It option to your desktop so that you can easily transfer documents directly to MYOB Practice.

Before you use Share It, ensure that you have:

  • set the default folder where documents will be saved for your client.

    UI Text Box

    If you're using MYOB AE or MYOB AO, you can do this from Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Documents > Mail Settings > Document Startup Path.

  • created your client portals.

The Share It button is available as a toolbar option:

  • on the print preview window of your Australian MYOB Tax
  • on the print preview window of Australian Corporate Compliance for reports and forms
  • on the Statutory Reporter Report Preview window. 

The Share It feature within Document Manager has been enhanced so that you can publish documents directly to MYOB Practice. 

UI Expand
titleNovember 2015
  • You're now able to upgrade an existing AccountRight classic file to any AccountRight online product version. You'll be able to select the product version from a catalogue page which contains dynamic pricing depending on the region of your practice and retail / wholesale prices.
  • When you create a new online Essentials business, the Create a business button no longer has any drop-down options. You'll go directly to selecting the appropriate Essentials product from the catalogue page. And we've included an extra step so that you can include details of the owner - whether it's you or your client. On successful completion, you'll be returned to the Online businesses tab and a new browser tab/window opens in Essentials for you to complete the business setup.
UI Expand
title27 October 2015
  • We've introduced different user roles. You're now able to add:
    • a user with full access to the portal. They can see all documents and associated tasks.
    • users who are contributors with restricted access to documents and tasks

to MYOB Practice. See Portals for an example of use.

  • Share selected documents with a contributor who'll only be able to view what you share with them using the Action > Share with contributor option on the Documents page.
  • If a client user is currently not in your database, you're now able to add them when you need to by selecting the Create new user option.
  • We've also added a simple rich text editor to all text boxes. You'll see the rich text editor when you're writing an email description to your clients while creating a task and when writing a comment to your clients. You can now enter a new line of text, bold text and retain all the formatting.
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titleMore info

When you're creating a portal, you can select the user type:

You'll also be able to add new full access users and/or contributors when editing a portal:

Or assign a task to a full access user and/or contributor when publishing a document to the portal:

If the user is currently not in your database, you're able to add them when you need to by selecting the Create new user option:

Sharing documents with contributors is easy, just select the document on the Documents page, then click Action > Share with contributor option. You'll then be able to select the client users you would like to share the document with.

UI Expand
titleOctober 2015

We've set up payment profiles so that you're able to pay for upgrades.

UI Expand
titleSeptember 2015

We've been busy behind the scenes and resolved the performance issues with the Accounting dashboard. We've also listened to your comments and renamed a few key buttons and tabs so that they reflect how you work.

UI Expand
titleAugust 2015

Beta release of the Accounting dashboard to a few clients.

With this release, you'll be able to see all the Essentials files that you've access to (and in the near future - AccountRight files as well).

Upgrade AccountRight classic files to the equivalent online product type using our migration/upgrade services, provided there is an active online entitlement and a valid serial number for the account. If you don't have access to the AccountRight classic file, you're able to email your client a link for them to upload the file. Once the upgrade is complete, we'll let you know via email and the file will be displayed on the Online ledgers tab.

Other great features that we've added throughout the year:

  • assigning multiple clients to digitally sign a document
  • deleting a document from the Documents page using the Action > Delete Document option
  • publishing multiple documents to a portal at one time.
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titleRelated topics

Getting started

Getting started for partners


June 2020

When you create a new contact or update an existing contact’s details from Corporate admin, we’ll now create a contact, or update the contact’s details in AE/AO for you.


UI Text Box

Newly created contacts and changes to client details can take up to 5 minutes to appear in AE/AO.

We’ll be turning this feature on slowly for practices over the next few weeks, so make sure you’re taking regular backups of your data in AE/AO in case anything goes wrong.

  • Issue and transfer jointly held shares
    We've made a few small enhancements to improve the experience of joint shareholders.