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The To Do function (AE users only) lets you track and manage the workpaper tasks that you are working on, and assign tasks to employees. You can create a To Do directly from a workpaper.

The To Do table lists the:

  • subject
  • employee who has a To Do assigned
  • high, medium or low priority
  • due date
  • status: Not started, Planned, In progress, Complete, Risk and Problem.

Workpaper To Do items can be accessed from various windows and tabs:

Workpapers homepage

The Workpapers homepage is opened by clicking the Workpapers icon on the Tool bar and provides the summary of all your In Progress Workpapers. This summarises what work you have for your clients currently. The Workpapers homepage provides easy Access to the Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab for each client represented is provided by hyperlinks. See Workpapers homepage.

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titleTo open To Do items
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Workpapers homepage  To display a summary of all your in-progress workpapers to see what work you currently have for your clients, click the Workpapers icon on the Tool bar.Use the Workpapers homepage
To Do Workpaper window  
To display a list of all To Do items associated with a selected period, click the To Do item option in the Trial Balance (Workpapers) period on the TASKS bar.
To access the workpapers job, open the period.
The title bar of the To Do Workpaper window displays the start and end date of the current workpaper period.

Opening and editing a To Do item

Workpaper window   
To display a list of all To Do items associated with a selected workpaper document, open the workpaper document.
If there are To Do items associated with the workpaper they are displayed in a table at the top of the Workpaper window.
By default the table is hidden, click  to show the table. Click  to collapse and hide the table.

Viewing a list of all workpapers and source documents

Opening and editing a To Do item.

Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab   To display the To Do items which have been created for workpapers or workpaper periods for a selected client, click the To Do table on the client’s Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab.

Accessing workpapers

Opening and editing a To Do item

To Do tab   
All the To Do items, including workpaper To Do items, for a selected client are listed in the To Do table on the client’s To Do tab.
To open a To Do item:
  1.  Search for the client.
  2.  Select the client.
  3.  Go to the To Do tab on the Client page.
  4.  Click the link in the Subject column to open the To Do item for the workpaper period.
My Homepage 
You can access workpaper To Do items from a customised Homepage for To Do items if this has been created.
 Alternatively, a workpapers homepage is provided as a standard feature of workpapers.
To open a To Do item:
  1. Go to the Homepage tab.
  2.  Click the To Do homepage link on the TASKS bar.
Use the Workpapers homepage (MYOB Ledger)


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