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Ensure that you have MYOB AE 5.4.4 or later, MYOB AO 2014.0 or later (New Zealand) or AO 2013.2 or later (Australia) installed.

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titleTo set up MYOB Invoices

On your workstation

  1. Set up your Practice my.MYOB settings and employee my.MYOB logins
  2. Log in to your database
  3. Enter your Practice my.MYOB settings
  4. Enter your Employee my.MYOB details
  5. Set the Task Permissions
  6. Select Maintenance > Online > Activate OnTheGoInvoices

On your Server

  1. Go to Start > All programs > MYOB > Start MYOB OnTheGo Invoices API Service

On your mobile device

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your my.MYOB credentials
  3. Add MYOB OnTheGo Invoices to your mobile device home screen on:
    • iPhone: Click the share icon, then select Add to home screen.
    • Blackberry: To add a shortcut on your home screen, press the key Add to Home Screen. To add a shortcut to your Favourites view, press the key Mark as Favourite.
    • Android: Click on the Menu, then Add shortcut to home.
    • Windows phone: Click on the Menu, then pin to start.


More information about setting up MYOB



If you have multiple databases, MYOB OnTheGo Invoices must be activated for each database.

In order to access MYOB OnTheGo Invoices you must:

  • Log into each MYOB AE/AO database that you want to access using MYOB OnTheGo Invoices and perform the workflow above.

  • Specify the my.MYOB administrator details for your practice so that you have administrator access to MYOB’s online services.

  • Every employee that will be using MYOB OnTheGo Invoices will require an unique my.MYOB login that is entered as part of their employee details in MYOB AE/AO.

  • Access to your onsite MYOB AE/AO server is required for MYOB OnTheGo Invoices. The MYOB AE/AO server must be running so that you can access information from your database(s).

  • You must have an internet connection to access MYOB Invoices from your browser enabled device, and an internet connection is also required on your MYOB AE/AO server.

  • MYOB OnTheGo Invoices is automatically installed with your MYOB AE/AO installation. No extra steps are required.

  • You will only need to activate MYOB OnTheGo Invoices from MYOB AE/AO the very first time you use it.


Task permissions

Team members within your practice with superuser or system administrator privileges will automatically have access to the security task permissions for activating MYOB OnTheGo Invoices.

To allow other employees to activate MYOB OnTheGo Invoices, they must have the appropriate task permissions enabled. You can either include them as a superuser or system administrator, or enable the #Maintenance # Set Up Online Data task permission for the selected employee.

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titleTo enable the task permission to activate MYOB Invoices
  1. Select MaintenanceSecurity > Task Permissions on the main menu or MaintenanceMaintenance MapSecurity > Task Permissions. The Maintenance — Task Permissions page opens.
  2. Select Central from the Product drop-down.
  3. Select the Group (security group) from the drop-down that you want to set up the task permissions for. The Group Descriptions assigned to theGroup are listed in the panel.
  4. Click Button_-_Expand_2.gif beside the Maintenance Group Description to list all the available task permissions. The list expands and displays a checkbox in the Allow column.
  5. Select the checkbox in the Allow column for #Maintenance #Set Up Online Data to give permission to allow the selected Group activate MYOB OnTheGo Invoices. Deselect the checkbox in the Allow column for#Maintenance #Set Up Online Data to not allow the selected Group to activate MYOB OnTheGo Invoices. This is how you control your employees’ access to the MYOB OnTheGo Invoices. By default, this task permission is granted to members of the Super User security group.
  6. Click OK to save the changes and close the Maintenance Task Permissions page.
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