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Practice Manager only

Use Master Paragraphs are used in  during billing to add pre-defined standard text to a bill.

The Master Paragraphs window is used to view and select the master paragraphs available for use when you are raising a bill for a client. The Master Paragraphs window is accessed from Bill Paragraphs window > Paragraphs.

Master paragraphs are used to customise bills to suit different client and practice requirements.

They'll save you from typing the same text over and over again.

Most practices develop their own library of master paragraphs to suit their billing requirements.

Master paragraphs are

They can be grouped into Types which can contain a number of related paragraphs. For example, you may have a group of paragraphs under a Type heading of Tax

and others that all relate to consultancy work under their own type

for example.

You can also attach paragraphs to specific assignments (AE) / jobs (AO)

so that when

. When a bill is created for that assignment/job, all

bill content

billing text can be added in one step. 

Once set up, use the Master Paragraphs window to view and select the master paragraphs when you're raising a bill for a client.

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To add new master paragraphs using the Maintenance menu you need superuser , you'll need super user /administrator access rights in the system. See your system administrator if you require this access.

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titleTo add a new Master Paragraph

Perform the following steps in PM.

  1. Follow the menu path: In AE/AO, from the main menu, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Documents > Master Paragraphs. The Master Paragraphs window appears.
  2. To add a new paragraph, Under Paragraph Name, in the blank line at the top, type in the new Paragraph Name in the blank line field and press Enter. The new paragraph is created.
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  3. Locate the new paragraph created in the list (located at the end of the list) and highlight the new paragraph. The new paragraph is highlighted.
  4. Enter (or copy) the master paragraph text Under the formatting section, type your standard into the blank text area at the end bottom of the screen. Master paragraph text is entered.
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  5. Highlight the text entered and select the practice default font.  For , for example, Arial 10. The practice default font is updated.
  6. Click OK.

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    If you have copied text from another program, for example Word and the text contains an apostrophe, you must delete and re key the apostrophe. To do this backspace it out and re-enter it. If this is not done it may not be possible to add the paragraph to a bill in stage 3 of billingany text in Microsoft Word that you want to use to create master paragraphs, copy the text into Word Pad and then highlight and copy the text from Word Pad into Practice Manager.
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titleTo edit a Master Paragraph

Perform the following steps in PM.

  1. Follow the menu path:In AE/AO, from the main menu, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Documents > Master Paragraphs. The Master Paragraphs window appears.
  2. Locate and highlight the paragraph you wish to edit. The Paragraph paragraph is selected.
  3. Edit the text in the text area at the end bottom of the screen.

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    Ensure that the paragraph is using the correct practice default font. To update the text font, highlight the text and select the relevant font and font size.
  4. Click OK.
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titleTo print a list of Master Paragraphs
  1. In AE/AO, from the main menu, in the toolbar, click the Reports icon. The Master Paragraph is updated. Reports tab opens.
  2. On the Tasks bar, scroll down and select MASTER PARAGRAPH.
  3. Under the Reports tab, in the main reporting section, highlight the Master Paragraphs report and either:
    1. double-click the report title or description or
    2. Click Run. The report displays.
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  4. On the toolbar, click Print to print the report. Click OK after selecting your printer.
  5. Once the report prints, click Close.
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titleAccessing Adding Master Paragraphs during client billing process

In Stage Three (stage 3 ) of the Billing Wizardbilling wizard, once when you click the Paragraphs button, you can:

  • drag and drop a single master paragraph onto the page. The paragraph will be added as a new paragraph.

  • make multiple selections by holding down [Ctrl] while clicking the required paragraphs. Each selected paragraph is added as a new paragraph.

  • add the content of one or more master paragraphs to an existing paragraph in the draft bill text (without overwriting) by holding [Shift] while you drag them to the draft bill.

  • Expand expand the types by clicking to view the paragraphs below and add them to a bill.




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