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General questions

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titleWhich workpaper template should I use?

MYOB Workpapers has over 80 built-in industry standard templates, and we keep building more!

Each practice runs things a little differently, so we recommend that Partners and Practice Administrators review the available templates and set a practice rule for which templates should be used. 

You can download our handy AU workpaper template examples or NZ workpaper template examples to help you compare and review which one you want to use.

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titleCan we use closing stock workpaper with any product?

Yes, everyone can use the Closing Stock workpaper to record quantities.

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titleCan I add a linked document to open to a specific bookmark in Workpapers?

Yes. When linking a document to Workpapers, you can specify the document to open or the bookmark that you want a document to open to:

  1. Select the File you want to link to.
  2. From the Bookmark drop-down list, select the bookmark you want to link to or, if you don't want to link to a specific bookmark, select Entire Document.
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titleCan I send a notification about getting workpapers approved?

You can send an email requesting workpaper approval:

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For more information about emailing, see the the procedure about setting the status on a workpaper or document.

Before updating the status of a workpaper, select the workpapers and documents you want to be reviewed and click Awaiting Approval. The Approvals window appears.

In the Notification section, select Send email.

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titleCan I adjust prior-year balances?

You can adjust comparative balances for the prior year in Client Accounting to reflect in your reports.

To enter a new closing balance for an account, displayed only in Statutory Reporter, click Modify Prior Year Balances.

If you want to edit prior-year balances, we recommend adding an adjustment journal at the start of the year to adjust the opening balance of an account. This lets you avoid only being able to edit the prior period if that period is still open and active.

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titleWhy are there single-sided journals or blank entries in my Journal Listing?

Blank journal entries or single-sided journals in the View All Journals window are caused by changes to the account code or deleting the account. Client Accounting can't find the account to post transaction to because the account code no longer exists.

If you need to edit the Chart of Accounts, we recommended editing before adding journal entries. But if you need to change an account code after you've added a journal to the account, we recommended deleting the journal entry, editing, then re-adding the journal entry.

To find which account code is missing, check the ClientFrameWork.log file. To check the ClientFrameWork.log file, enter %Appdata%\MYOB\ClientFrameWork in the Windows Explorer Address Bar.

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titleWhy is an account code highlighted in red?

A red background in an open workpaper template means an account code's been changed or deleted in the ledger.

How do I...


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titlePrint a report?

Before printing, when you've finished year-end processing in MYOB Workpapers, you need to update MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger with the adjustments from Workpapers. To update, create a journal export file from Workpapers and import it to your ledger.

When you've imported your journals and you're ready to print the financials:

  • If you use a MAS or an AE Accounts ledger, use AE Reporter to view and print the financial statements.
  • If you use AO Classic General Ledger, print your client’s financial reports from the Reports module in General Ledger.

For more help, see the ledger product's help.

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titleProcess general journals in workpapers?
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The examples in this help use an AU system. The same information applies for NZ, but you may see or use some different options or details.

To process a journal in Workpapers:

  1. Go to the client’s Client Accounting > Trial Balance (Workpapers) tab and click a period in the Select Period section.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click Open Period. The table for the period appears.
  3. On the TASKS bar Journals section, select Add. The Add Journal window appears.
  4. Enter the journals.
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titleEdit posted journals?

If you've imported your journal entries from Workpapers to the underlying ledger, you can make journal edits by making an adjustment journal in the workpaper MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger.

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Because of duplicate journal entries, we don't recommend updating the status of the journal to Not Exported. If you want to edit the transactions, we recommend adding a new journal with your corrections.

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titleMake changes to a completed period?

You can view and change a Workpaper with a status of Completed. Double click the period to open the Workpapers module and select:

  • Open to view the workpaper period in read-only mode.
  • Open to modify to open the workpaper period in edit mode and make changes.
    If you can't see Open to modify, contact your Practice Administrator to review your employee permissions.
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titleDelete a workpaper period?
  1. If you've created a workpaper and the status of the period is Not Started, select the workpaper period and, on the TASKS bar, click Delete period.
  2. If you've exported journal entries in the workpaper period, mark those journals as not exported.
  3. If the status of the workpaper period is Completed, double click the period  and select Open to modify and update the status the period to In Progress.

    If you can't see Open to modify or you do not have access to delete workpaper periods, contact your Practice Administrator to review your employee permissions.

  4. If you've started work on the period and the status of the period is In Progress, delete the following items:
    • Workpapers
    • Linked documents
    • Journal entries
    • To Do items
    • Comments.
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titleUpdate my journals entered in Workpapers to MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger?

If you are using MAS or AE Accounts, create a journal export file to export the transactions from MYOB Workpapers and import into the MAS or AE Accounts ledger.

See more information on exporting and importing journals.

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titleImport balances from Workpapers to AE or AO Tax? (AU)

Import values from the Income Tax Integration workpaper templates (AU) in MYOB Workpapers for the following entity types:

  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Individual
  • Trust.

The import must be for the full financial year. Period dates in Workpapers must be the same as the financial year in AE or AO Tax.

See Tax account groups for more information.

To import balances from Workpapers to AE or AO Tax:

  1. Complete the Income Tax Integration workpaper.
  2. To ensure that the return has been rolled over from the prior year, if applicable, check that you have created an Income Tax Return for the financial year and that the status of the return is In Progress.
  3. Go to your client's Tax tab and, on the TASKS bar, click Import Ledger Data.
    The values are populated to the business schedule of the return.

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    If you use your own custom chart of accounts and don't use a standard MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger style, the chart of accounts may not have the correct values in the automatically-filled blue fields. This is because the Income Tax Integration workpaper won't recognise your custom accounts. The Income Tax Integration workpaper sums up the balances of Tax account group codes and integrates them into the Income Tax Integration workpaper.

    If you use your own custom chart of accounts, to ensure you don't get incorrect values, you need to manually map account groups in Tax accoung groups.

    You'll see the window below after you've mapped your account groups. Click OK and make sure you click Refresh account groups under Tasks

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titleEdit the Chart of Accounts?
  1. Use MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger to make any changes to the Chart of Accounts.
  2. To bring the changes into Client Accounting, on the TASKS bar in MYOB Workpapers, click Refresh ledger balances.
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titleImport Chart of Accounts or add a new account?
Use MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger to make any changes to the Chart of Accounts.
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titleImport transactions?

Import the transactions directly into MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger.

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titleEdit an account code and use the balances from the new code?

From Client Accounting version 5.4.24, AE Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger account codes automatically use the new balances when you update using Manage Accounts in Trial Balance (Workpapers) or the Client Accounting homepage.

To edit an account code and use the balances from the new code in other Client Accounting versions:

  1. Use MAS, Accounts or AO Classic General Ledger to make changes to the Chart of Accounts.
  2. To bring the changes into Client Accounting, before adding any journals to the account, click Refresh Ledger Balances.
    If you see journals in the View Journals window missing or highlighted in red, there are mismatched account codes between the View Journal screen and the underlying ledger.
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titleRecord and post Livestock quantities from Workpapers to MAS, Accounts or AO General Ledger?
  1. Enter quantities when adding and posting journals. We recommend using the Livestock Calculation - Closing Stock workpaper to reconcile and record Livestock values.
  2. Click Add Journal at the top of the workpaper window. Any adjusting journals and quantities to be recorded appear in the Add Journal window.

For details, see our video covering Livestock - Closing Stock Adjustment.

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titleShow last year balances in Trial balance (Workpapers)?

If you've configured a MAS or AE Accounts ledger, previous-year balances only appear where the workpaper period has been created and rolled over from a previous completed workpaper period.

If you've configured an AE Accounts ledger, AO Classic ledger, AccountRight or Essentials, comparative figures will be populated with values from the underlying ledger or modified balances, depending on the ledger's configuration.

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titleDelete a client code?

It depends on your product and location!

Deleting a client

Deleting a client (NZ AE, AU)

Closing a client (NZ, AU)

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