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In MYOB Practice Manager, you may need to add a new Task code for use in timesheet or disbursement data entry. You can also add a Miscellaneous Charge code or Estimate to Complete code in this area.

In Accountants Office (AO) Classic, these were referred to as work codes.

Follow the steps below for your installed product:

  • Add a new Task Code
  • Add a new Task Code
  • Add a nominal Code
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titleTo add a new task code
  1. In AE/AO, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Miscellaneous > Code Types from the menu. The Code Types page tab opens.
  2. Click the expand button to view the list of codes for the relevant group. For example, click next to Time for Timesheets.
  3. In the first row, complete the fields using the following table.




    Type a code up to 10 characters.

    Short Name

    Type a code up to 8 characters. The short name is used in reports.


    Type a description up to 50 characters. Names will display during data entry.


    Type a unit of measure up to 6 characters. For example, type mins for time, KM for travel expenses, dollar for estimates to complete or miscellaneous charges.


    This feature is only available for the code group Disbursements. Key an amount by which you want to increase the value assigned to a type (for example, for a 10% increase type 1.1). As a default, select 1.0

    Tax Rate

    Select the relevant tax rate from the drop-down.


    From the drop-down, select Timesheets for example. This will make the code available in timesheets or disbursements.

    CRM Type

    Click the drop-down to select whether the code will be available for Timesheets, CRM or both. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.

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For disbursements, you can add a Cost per Unit and a Charge per Unit. You can also add a default paragraph to a Code Type.

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titleTo edit a task code
  1. In AE/AO, go to Maintenance > Maintenance Map >Code Types. The Code Types tab appears.
  2. Click the expand button to view the list of codes for the relevant group. For example, click next to Time for Timesheets.

  3. Click into the relevant field for the Code Type you want to edit and make the changes required.

  4. When finished, click OK.
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titleTo add a nominal code (AE only)

Now that you have created a Task Code, you may need to add a Nominal Account. This will depend on whether you have default nominal codes set up.

  1. In AE PM, follow the menu path: Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Nominal Codes.
  2. In the Nominal Code Defaults tab, if the Nominal Account Codes have been set up, no further steps are required. Your new Task Code is ready for use.
    If  Nominal Account Codes have not been set up, or you have multiple companies set up, continue on to Step 3.
  3. Click on the Data Entry Codes Available for Company tab. 
  4. From the Company dropdown, select the company name. 
  5. From the Code Type dropdown, select the relevant code type.  For example Time for Timesheet. The list is then restricted to Timesheet task codes.
  6. For the relevant task code,click into the Nominal column.  A dropdown appears.
  7. Select the relevant nominal code from the dropdown and click Close.

    UI Text Box
    Setting up nominal defaults via Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Nominal Codes allows you to setup new codes without having to manually enter nominal codes.  Refer Nominal Code Defaults tab
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