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A better BAS

We're upgrading MYOB Practice in October and revamping the way you do BAS! 

If you’re already part of our beta program, make sure you Sync your contacts online before we make the upgrade. Once you do that, you're ready to start the new experience. Want to help us improve our products? Sign up to the beta program now.

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titleWhat's changing?

We've updated our designs in line with MYOB Practice. We've made improvements to:

  • automatically add the assigned agent and client for new activity statements
  • made it easier to find information in our new BAS forms
  • simplified the workflow to make it easier to create, manage and lodge activity statements online.

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titleWhat do I need to do to prepare for this upgrade?

Make sure you sync your contacts online by October 2019. Once you do that, you're ready to start the new experience. We'll start the process of upgrading you to the new system in October.

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titleI'm on desktop MYOB AE/AO. How do I sync my contacts?

Step by step instructions can be found on the Sync your contacts page. 

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titleCan I access outstanding and lodged activity statements after the upgrade?

You can still view and lodge your outstanding activity statements in the old system. This includes unlodged, in progress, in review and those awaiting signatures.

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Tip: Look out for the banner directing you to your outstanding activity statements.

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titleI lodged a BAS in the old system but I still can't see it in the list. What's happened?

Once lodged, you can continue to view activity statements in the old system. The new system only lists activity statements created in the new system.

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titleCan I create a new BAS in the old system?

No. We've disabled the ability to create a BAS in the old system. We recommend creating a BAS in the new system to reap the benefits of the upgrade.

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titleThe BAS status in Transaction Processing doesn't look correct. What's happened?

After the upgrade, Transaction Processing only shows outstanding activity statements created in the new system. You can view the rest of your outstanding activity statements in the old system. See: Can I access outstanding and lodged activity statements after the upgrade?

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titleWhere do I create or lodge new activity statements?

From October 2019, you’ll be able to log in as usual, see the upgraded BAS forms and use the new workflow to create and lodge activity statements. Click Create Compliance on the top right-hand corner and follow the on-screen prompts. 

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titleHow do I access Assets now?

You can access Assets from either clicking Compliance or Transaction processing.

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titleDo I need to migrate agent settings?

No, the upgrade will migrate your existing agent settings.

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titleShould I expect some down time?

No, the upgrade will run in the background, outside office hours. Our team will monitor the upgrade to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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titleI have a problem lodging BAS, help!

Can't see anything new? Visit our support page or call us.

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titleI love working online! How can I get more involved?

You can join our Beta program and be one of the first to try new features. Send us your expression of interest through the form and help us improve our product with your feedback. 

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You must Sync your contacts to take part in the Beta programs.