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If you haven't decided which MYOB product best suits the inventory needs of your business, this information might help.

In general:

  • MYOB Business is ideal for retail businesses with simple inventory needs, such as those that only sell from stock on hand and don't backorder to fulfil sales. Some inventory features are still to come – see What inventory features are available in MYOB Business.
  • AccountRight is suitable for businesses with more complex inventory needs, such as those that build items from other items, store items at multiple locations, have tiered pricing levels or need to be able to add items to inventory without receiving a supplier bill.

When deciding what inventory product to use, consider the examples and feature comparison below.

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Bookstops is a small business that sells ornamental bookends. They're small, but they're ambitious and are expanding their product range. They want an easy automated method of keeping tabs on how many sets of bookends they have in stock. Bookstops don't build the bookends in house but order them in. They're only getting a small volume of orders and only sell from what they have on hand. They want to know how the new product lines are performing and when to order more stock. So the inventory features in MYOB Business are ideal for their needs.

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HamperWorld is a growing business selling Christmas hampers. They sell a large range of hampers at different price points. Each hamper can contain up to a dozen or more separate products. These items come from a number of suppliers and HamperWorld package them up. They need inventory software with advanced packaging/auto building features, as well as the ability to easily backorder items to complete a hamper – especially around Christmas when orders get hectic. The inventory features available in MYOB Business are not yet suited to their needs. They might be better off considering the full inventory features in AccountRight for now.

MYOB inventory features compared

Creating items

MYOB BusinessAccountRight
Create inventory items

Edit items

Import items

Export items

Delete or deactivate items

Add item reordering info

Build inventory items from other items 

List a bill of materials needed to build an item 

Store items in multiple locations 

Buying and selling items

MYOB BusinessAccountRight
Sell items from stock on hand

Order stock from suppliers

Create sales orders for customers

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Image Added

Easily reorder stock

Backorder items to fulfil sales


Add items into inventory without a supplier bill 

Track item quantities

MYOB BusinessAccountRight
Automatically update item quantities when buying and selling items

Adjust the on hand quantity of items

Inventory reporting

MYOB BusinessAccountRight
report on stock on hand

analyse item sales and margins

report on what needs to be reordered

pricing list report 

item transaction report 


item build report 

End of period

MYOB BusinessAccountRight
Make EOFY inventory adjustments

Reconcile inventory accounts and values

Do a stocktake 

More features are coming

We'll soon be adding more advanced features for businesses with more complex needs, such as backordering, tiered pricing, or the ability to build items from other items. We'll update the comparison table above as those new features become available.

For information on what features are available and what features are still coming, see What inventory features are available in MYOB Business.

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