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Author: Anonymous Sep 30, 2015
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Support Notes: MYOB Payroll (New Zealand) (147)
    Page: Student loan deductions
    Page: Error: "Software Version does not match what was expected"
    Page: Pay slip showing holiday pay in dollars instead of time
    Page: Annual leave not updating
    Page: Annual leave accruing holiday pay in a final pay
    Page: Paying out annual leave
    Page: Employee leave details don't match Employee Holidays report
    Page: Setting up holiday pay for casual employees
    Page: Error: "55/Memory file is invalid"
    Page: Year-To-Date balance calculation
    Page: Error: "1733/Class definition CDINTFEX.CDINTFEX is not found"
    Page: Error: "Some data structures for this payroll are out of date"
    Page: Employer Monthly Schedule showing strange symbols in place of the barcode
    Page: Error: "9 Data type mismatch"
    Page: Leave Details - Normal hours per day or week
    Page: Error: "Pay Slip not found" when emailing pay slips
    Page: ir-File and KiwiSaver
    Page: Adding a second ordinary pay rate for an employee
    Page: Manually integrating MYOB accounting software with Payroll
    Page: Error: "1426/OLE error code 0x8007007e" when emailing pay slips
    Page: Holiday Act changes 1 April 2011
    Page: Installation troubleshooting
    Page: Computer crashing after installing Payroll
    Page: Gross earnings in MYOB Payroll 2020.5
    Page: Integration with AccountRight v19 defaulting back to the 'Other' option
    Page: Setting up a subcontractor
    Page: Error: "1/File 'pr_conns.dbf' does not exist"
    Page: Error: "OLE Error Code 0X80040154 - Class not registered"
    Page: Setting up an apprentice employee so hours are accumulated
    Page: Recording unpaid leave in excess of one week
    Page: IRD arrears deductions (standard percentage based)
    Page: Parental leave affecting annual leave and annual holidays
    Page: Entering employer contributions to a complying fund
    Page: Opting out of KiwiSaver after 8 weeks
    Page: Error: "Printer not activated error code -30 (or -41)"
    Page: Moving MYOB Payroll to a new computer
    Page: Setting up an Accumulator
    Page: Unable to email pay slips using SMTP
    Page: Calculating pays
    Page: KiwiSaver for casual or temporary employees
    Page: Unable to print reports or payslips
    Page: Setting up a student's payroll
    Page: Setting up a Department of Courts deduction
    Page: Error: "Connection to server or another computer is blocked" when integrating Payroll with AccountRight
    Page: Payroll not responding when emailing
    Page: Finishing or reinstating employees
    Page: Emailing pay slips
    Page: Managing annual closedowns
    Page: Reversing a pay
    Page: Bereavement leave not showing on pay slip
    Page: MyStaffInfo no longer available
    Page: Paying bonuses and dealing with the tax
    Page: Opting out an employee from KiwiSaver before their first pay
    Page: PAYE period when creating a pay
    Page: Using TeamViewer for MYOB remote access
    Page: Failed ir-Filing due to invalid characters
    Page: Adding an employee
    Page: Error: "Software Version is not what was expected"
    Page: Fixing holiday pay paid in error
    Page: Domestic Violence Leave
    Page: Error: "1429 OLE iDispatch exception code" when emailing pay slips
    Page: Why don’t my IR reports match myIR?
    Page: Changing an employee's pay rate from hours to days or days to hours
    Page: Creating a backup
    Page: IRD letter for varying student loan repayment rate (SLCIR)
    Page: Time clock systems
    Page: Moving casual employees to full-time or part-time
    Page: Restoring your company file
    Page: Setting up superannuation where only the employee contributes (not KiwiSaver related)
    Page: Error: "AMYUNI driver failed"
    Page: KiwiSaver for employees under 18 or over 65
    Page: Employer Superannuation Contributions Tax (ESCT) calculations
    Page: Opting an employee out of KiwiSaver after their first pay and refunding their contributions
    Page: Payroll shortcut keys
    Page: Rounding preferences
    Page: How, when, and how often an employee should be paid
    Page: Independent Earner Tax Credit
    Page: Error: "Backup NOT completed"
    Page: Leave accrued in advance calculation
    Page: Error: "Exception code = C0000005" after installing a Payroll update
    Page: IRD arrears deductions (fixed amount)
    Page: Setting up a deduction
    Page: Recording time off in lieu of overtime
    Page: Annual leave in advance
    Page: Error: "13 Alias PR_CONFG is not found"
    Page: Negative holiday pay balance
    Page: Setting up a special tax code for an employee
    Page: Why is the IRD’s PAYE figure different from my payroll software deductions?
    Page: Setting up an employee on parental leave and paying annual leave upon their return
    Page: Error: "File Access Denied" when installing Payroll
    Page: Setting up an employee who gets paid monthly
    Page: Year to date (YTD) totals not correct on pay slips
    Page: Work and Income (WINZ) deductions in Payroll
    Page: Cashing in annual leave
    Page: Filing to the IRD
    Page: Preparing a final pay
    Page: Unable to open Payroll, or errors "1976" or "114"
    Page: Payroll Giving scheme
    Page: ACC changes from 1 April 2018
    Page: Error: "Invalid Company File Code" when activating Payroll
    Page: Setting up a Long Service Leave Accumulator
    Page: End of financial year tasks
    Page: Increasing an employee's Normal Hours per week
    Page: Holiday anniversary updates
    Page: Back pay
    Page: Common anniversary date
    Page: Taxable allowances and how they affect the KiwiSaver calculation
    Page: Downloading Payroll from my.MYOB
    Page: IRD Remittance Advice not producing an EDF file when ir-Filing
    Page: KiwiSaver savings suspensions
    Page: Increasing an employee's pay rate part way through a pay period
    Page: Employer Monthly Schedule printing fewer than eight lines per page
    Page: Setting up a second bank account for splitting an employee's pay
    Page: Redundancy payments
    Page: Entering year-to-date information
    Page: Paying employees for closedown periods
    Page: Adding a permanent employee into the KiwiSaver scheme
    Page: Error: "1550/.DBC internal consistency error"
    Page: IRD requirements for businesses paying PAYE half-monthly
    Page: Reports or pay slips not printing correctly / C0000094 / C0000005 error
    Page: How unpaid leave affects annual leave
    Page: Processing the first week of Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) wages
    Page: Setting up non-KiwiSaver superannuation
    Page: Consolidating payroll files
    Page: Re-printing or re-emailing pay slips
    Page: Importing timesheets or activity slips from AccountRight into Payroll
    Page: Separating KiwiSaver employer contributions
    Page: Error: "5 / Record out of range"
    Page: Error: "There has been a corruption in your data file"
    Page: Importing pay history
    Page: Common anniversary date 31st March
    Page: Integrating Payroll with your accounting software
    Page: Making pay codes inactive
    Page: Public Holidays and employee entitlements
    Page: Reminders
    Page: Uninstalling and reinstalling Payroll
    Page: Statutory (public) holiday payments
    Page: Payroll reports
    Page: Error: "Journals have NOT been posted" when posting journals to AccountRight
    Page: Changing an employee's Normal Hours per week
    Page: Activating and confirming your software
    Page: Annual leave rate calculation
    Page: Payroll 2020.1
    Page: Setting up a child support deduction
    Page: Adjusting the KiwiSaver contribution rate
    Page: Error: "1705/File access is denied"
    Page: Setting up superannuation for fixed amounts (not KiwiSaver related)
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