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  • Removing old superannuation amounts from the M-Powered Pay Superannuation window (Australia only)

This information applies to MYOB AccountRight version 19. For later versions, see our help centre.




If you have activated M-Powered Superannuation services for the first time, you may find that previous superannuation accruals which you have already paid appear in the M-Powered Service Centre ready to be paid (again). This page explains how to remove these accruals.

Background Information

MYOB Australia offers services called M-Powered Services. M-Powered Services are a range of services that simplify common business processes. These services improve your business efficiency by automating the flow of information and funds between your business and the many people and organisations you deal with.

For further detailed information about these services, go to the MYOB M-Powered web page.

When I click on Pay Superannuation, why do I see old superannuation amounts?

Once activating the M-Powered Superannuation Service, the M-Powered Service Centre will now display all previously unprocessed superannuation amounts. This would include all superannuation amounts from the current payroll year (and could include superannuation amounts from previous payroll years if the corresponding paycheques have not been purged from the data file), even if they have been paid to the appropriate superannuation funds.

How can I remove these amounts from the Pay Superannuation window?

The Pay Superannuation window has the functionality to filter for a date range. This will allow you to enter a date range to only include superannuation amounts that you want to process in the M-Powered Superannuation Service. Simply select the date range for the period you want to process for your superannuation payments for and it will only show superannuation amounts on paycheques recorded within this date range.

By default the date range in the Pay Superannuation window will be the first day of the current month to the current day of your current month. This will in most cases not show any superannuation amounts that you have previously processed as they will not be in this date range. 


In the above example window, the dates are filtered for the 3rd quarter only, thereby excluding old superannuation amounts not processed via the M-Powered Superannuation Service.