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New Zealand only

You're no longer able to register for PayAgent. Instead, you can use Payday filing to file employment information to IR when you pay your employees.

What is PayAgent? 

PayAgent is a feature of Essentials Payroll that takes the hassle out of administrative payroll tasks and helps you meet your employer obligations.

All you need to do is activate it from within your Essentials business.

For more information on PayAgent, such as registering and paying your employees, see How does PayAgent work?

Compliance made easy

Rest easy knowing all payroll calculations are correct and IR returns (IR345 and IR348), IRD reports and payments are lodged on time.

You’ll never incur penalties for wrong deductions, late returns or lodgements again!

Save valuable time with automated payments and filing

Finalise your payrun and PayAgent does the rest for you, including paying staff wages, processing PAYE payments and filing monthly IRD reports so you can get back to business.

Dedicated payroll support

A dedicated MYOB payroll expert is here to give you peace of mind with phone-based support for your payroll needs. Call 0508 328 283.

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