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  • Error: "The setup for Payroll is incomplete" (Australia only)




AccountEdge Pro and Network Edition, Australia only

An issue can occur if you install AccountEdge Pro or AccountEdge Network Edition and after loading the tax tables you accidentally open your company file in a previous AccountEdge version. This may happen where the latest AccountEdge version hasn't been installed on all computers which access the company file.

By doing this a tax setting in your company file is affected, and when you try to process your payroll you will receive the following message:


Clicking OK will display the following message:


These messages will continue to be displayed when you try to process your payroll.

To stop this happening in the future, as well as following the resolution steps below, you will need to remove all remnants of your previous version of AccountEdge. If the AccountEdge application has been placed directly on the desktop, this must be removed. Also note that this is not the correct method to create a desktop shortcut. The correct method for this is to create an alias and place this on your desktop.


Install the latest AccountEdge version on all computers which access your company file. If needed, you can download AccountEdge from my.MYOB.