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  • Error: "Cannot delete C:\Program Files\Bk5\InvoicePlus\Data\0001\...: Access denied"




BankLink PayablesPlus and BankLink InvoicePlus

This error occurs when opening BankLink PayablesPlus or InvoicePlus if the program is installed under the Program Files folder or any of its subfolders.

The Program Files folder is a windows system folder used by Windows and thus has permissions set to it that cause the error to occur.


Move the InvoicePlus folder from the Program Files folder to the C drive.


To move the Invoice Plus folder to the C drive
  1. Close out of the BankLink program.
  2. Open File Explorer (simultaneously press the Windows and E keys on your keyboard).
  3. Go to C:\Program Files and find the InvoicePlus folder.
  4. Right-click the InvoicePlus folder and choose Cut.
  5. Right-click the C:\ drive and choose Paste. This will move the InvoicePlus folder into the C:\ drive.
  6. Double-click to open the InvoicePlus folder.
  7. Right-click the file iplus.exe and choose Send To then choose Desktop (create shortcut). This will create a shortcut on the desktop to open the BankLink program from the new location.