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  • Error: "1/File 'pr_conns.dbf' does not exist"




This error is caused by a corrupt pr_Conns.dbf file in the data folder for the Payroll file you are currently using. To fix this error you'll need to delete the pr_Conns.dbf file. This file will be recreated next time to use Payroll.



To delete the pr_Conns.dbf file
  1. Close Payroll.
  2. Simultaneously press the Windows and E keys on your keyboard (the Windows key is between the Ctrl and Alt keys). The Computer or Windows Explorer or File Explorer window appears.
  3. Navigate to the Payroll folder in the following location: C:\Users\Public\Data\MYOB\Payroll
  4. Double-click the Payroll folder to display its contents.
  5. Double-click the Payroll data folder associated with the Payroll file you were using when the error occurred.

    If you have multiple company files, you may not know the name of the Payroll data folder for a particular file.
    To find the name of the data folder for your company: In Payroll, click the File menu and select Open, then choose your company from the drop-down menu. The folder name is displayed on the Payroll folder line.

  6. Right-click the pr_Conns.dbf file and choose Delete.
  7. Click Yes to the confirmation message.

The next time you open your Payroll, the pr_Conns file will be recreated and the error will be resolved.

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