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BankLink Practice

For reporting to work correctly in BankLink Practice, a Report Group of Cash on Hand has to be set for any bank account contra codes in your chart of accounts. 

What's a bank account contra code?

This is the chart of account code that keeps track of the bank account balance.

To check or change the bank account contras

To check the bank account contra codes currently set in your client file, go to Other functions > Bank Accounts. The right hand column (Contra) displays what is currently set.

If this needs to be updated or it's currently blank:

  1. Double-click the affected bank account.
  2. Enter the required chart code in the Contra Code field.
To assign reporting groups on your chart of accounts
  1. Open the client file.
  2. Click Other Functions > Chart of Accounts > Maintain Chart > Show Quick Set.
  3. Click to highlight the account code.

    • Hold down the CTRL key to highlight more than one code in any part of the list.

    • Hold down the SHIFT key if the chart codes are in sequential order.

  4. Assign the reporting group on the left hand side of the Maintain Chart of Accounts window.

If you're not sure what report groups to use for your other chart codes, please refer to the following section of the help guide: Chapter 12: Setting up reporting, Report groups, and Assigning report groups.