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  • Exporting a BankLink Activity Statement and importing it into MYOB Accountants Office Tax (Australia only)




BankLink Practice

MYOB BankLink can export your Activity Statement (BAS or IAS) for importing into MYOB Accountants Office Tax (from version 2013.0).

To do this, you'll first need to ensure the BankLink tax interface has been set to MYOB Accountants Enterprise Tax.  When BankLink Practice exports the BAS/IAS it will create the exported file and hold it in the ELS file.  You will then be able to import the activity statement into the MYOB Accountants Office Tax.

Let's step you through the required tasks.


1. Set the BankLink tax interface
  1. Open the client file in BankLink Practice.
  2. Select the following menu options: Functions > Accounting System.
  3. In the Tax Interface field select MYOB Accountants Enterprise Tax. BankLink Practice populates the Export Tax File to field with ELS\ and displays the Tax Ledger Code field.
  4. Enter the Client Code you have specified in the MYOB Accountants Office Tax.
  5. Click OK. Your export tax interface options are saved.
2. Export the Activity Statement from BankLink Practice

It is strongly recommended that the period has been reviewed and is fully coded prior to commencing this process.

  1. From the Reports drop down menu select GST Reports and click Business/Instalment Activity Statement.
  2. Enter the required period and click View. The activity statement will now appear.
  3. Click Export. A window appears confirming that the BAS/IAS Form has been exported to the ELS folder.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select Yes or No to Finalise the Accounting Period. Finalising the accounting period will result in locking the coding you have selected so that you cannot make any changes. If you select Yes, a further window will appear to advise that 'The entries have been finalised'.

The activity statement is exported.

3. Import the Activity Statement into MYOB Accountants Office Tax
  1. Open MYOB Accountants Office.
  2. Open your client's tax return.
  3. Within the tax return, click on the Utilities drop down menu and select BAS/IAS Import > BankLink/GST. The Select BAS/IAS Data File(s) for Import window opens.
  4. Click Browse. Windows Explorer opens.
  5. Locate the file to be imported. This should be in the bk5/BankLink/ELS folder.
  6. Double-click the import file. he Select BAS/IAS Data File(s) for Import window returns.
  7. Select the option Delete file on successful import.
  8. Click OK. The Activity Statement is imported into MYOB Accountants Office Tax.