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  • Error: "CF Record for CLIENTCODE file status not Read-only or Off-site, Update FAILED" in BankLink Practice




BankLink Practice

In BankLink Practice you can only bring in and overwrite a client file when the file in your system has a 'Read-only' status.

If the file you are trying to overwrite is not Read-only in BankLink Practice, confirm with the client that it is the current file. You can then make the you have already got in your Practice 'Read-only'. You will then be able to bring in the new file. 

To resolve this issue

The file in your system needs to be made Read-only by sending it to File.

  1. Open the client file in BankLink Practice.
  2. Click Send Client File > to File
  3. Next to the Send Files to box, click Browse.
  4. Select a location where you want to keep this file. This location must be different to the location of the file you're bringing in. This also ensures you have a backup of the file you already have in your BankLink Practice.
    Once this is done you will see the Send Complete confirmation.
  5. Try to open the client file again in BankLink Practice. You should see the message 'Client File ClientCode is currently Read-only..."
You will now be able to bring in the file you received from your client.