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YourPay is a place where you can enter timesheets and check your payslips. It works on your phone, tablet or computer, so you can access it anywhere.

How do I access YourPay? When your employer invites you to start using YourPay, you'll receive an email from them. The email will contain a link to YourPay. Can't find the email? You can access YourPay at Note that you'll need to sign in with your MYOB account. The email you received would have prompted you to set one up if you didn't already have one.

Entering your timesheets

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  1. In YourPay, click or tap Timesheets.
  2. Enter your hours for the current pay period.

    Work a shift that spanned two days?
    You'll need to enter each day's hours against that day. For example, if you work on a Monday night from 7pm to 1am, enter 5 hours for Monday and 1 hour for Tuesday.

  3. If you have notes you want to share with your employer, enter them in the Notes field. We recommend you add notes for any hours that wouldn't be classed as normal hours. For example, overtime hours, or any sort of leave (annual, sick or bereavement).
  4. When you're ready to submit your timesheet to your employer, click Submit. Or, if you don't want to submit it yet, click Save to save your changes.
Viewing your payslips

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  1. In YourPay, click or tap Payslips.