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  • Setting up a client for AMEX bank feeds in BankLink Practice (Australia only)



BankLink Practice, Australia only

AMEX is now available as a data source in BankLink. Due to security reasons, we don't accept scanned or signed Client Authority Forms for AMEX. Instead, you'll need to complete the steps below to email a link to your client for them to authorise the feeds.

Before you begin

Ensure you're using BankLink Practice version 5.29 or later. See Upgrading BankLink Practice for more instructions.


To send the application form to the client
  1. In BankLink Practice, go to the Clients page.
  2. Select the client to be signed up for an AMEX bank feed. If the client doesn't exist yet, skip to step 3.
    Selecting a client populates the email address in the Send Client Authority Form window.
  3. On the Contact Clients or Contact Prospects menu, click Open Client Authority Form. The Client Authority Form window appears.
  4. From the Institution list, select American Express.
  5. Click the Email button in the bottom left of the window. The Send Client Authority Form email window appears.
  6. Ensure the client’s email address is correct in the To field.
    The email will pre-populate with a link to the American Express website and your practice code.
  7. Click Send. The email will be sent to the client so they can continue applying for the bank feed.
What the client will see

When the client clicks the link in their email, they'll complete the following process:

  1. Log in to the AMEX website.
  2. Select the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Select the card they want to set up bank feeds for.
  4. Confirm the card they've selected.
  5. A confirmation message appears. Allow up to 24 hours for the AMEX card to be linked.