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On the Payment options tab, you can choose how long your customers have to pay you, and enter the payment details that will make it easy for them to pay.

You can also sign up for and edit your online payment options.

Choose your default payment terms

In the Default payment terms section of the Payment options tab, choose the default payment terms that you want to appear on your invoices. You can change these terms for individual invoices while you're entering the invoice, but future invoices will always use the default terms you set up here.

You can choose from three ways of calculating payment terms:

  • Due on - Choose each invoice's due date as you create the invoice.
  • Days from end of this month - Invoices will be due the specified number of days from the end of the month they're issued in.
  • Days from invoice date - Invoices will be due the specified number of days after the invoice's Date of issue.

Your online payment options

In the Online payment options section of the Payment options tab, you can set up MYOB PayDirect Online for your business, or edit your online payment details if you're already set up.

You can also choose into which bank account you want to receive online payments, as well as whether you want to use online invoicing or enable PDF attachments on your invoice.

See Online payments for more information.

Set up your Printed payment options

In the Printed payment options section of the Payment options tab, you choose which options you want to include in the How to Pay section of the invoices you give to your customers. You can add details for Direct deposit and By mail.

If you select Direct deposit, enter the details of the bank account you want customers to deposit payments into.

If you select Mail, you can choose whether you want customers to mail their payments to your business address or your postal address. The address you choose will be printed on your invoices.   You can view or change your business or postal address on the Business details page. See Business Details for more information.

When finished, click Save to save your changes.

Setting your credit terms

You can change the number of days until an invoice becomes due by entering a new number of days in the Payment terms field when you create an invoice. MYOB Essentials will remember your selection for future invoices. You can also add more payment details in the Notes section of the invoice. For more information see Creating, editing and deleting invoices.