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  • Identifying transfers between your bank accounts

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If a bank transaction represents a transfer between two of your bank accounts (for example, you transferred money from your Cheque account to your Mastercard), you can match the two halves of the transfer together (the withdrawal transaction from one account and the deposit transaction from another).

If the transactions were recorded by your bank within a day of each other, MYOB Essentials will usually be able to identify the matching transfer transaction. Otherwise, you can manually create a transfer transaction and match both transactions to that.

Recording the transfer

On the Bank transactions page, click the down arrow to expand the transaction, then click the Transfer tab.

If you’ve got bank feeds on both of the accounts involved in the transfer, you should see the other transaction listed on this tab. If not, you might need to wait until the other account’s feed has been updated, as some bank feeds update more frequently than others.

Just select the correct transfer in the list and click Save.

Otherwise, if you only have bank feeds on one of the accounts, or if MYOB Essentials couldn't find a matching transaction, you can manually record the transfer by clicking the Manually create transfer link.

For more details about recording transfers, see Record a transfer between accounts.

Once this transfer has been created, you'll be able to match the bank transactions to it. See Matching bank transactions.