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New Zealand only

If you have a New Zealand Essentials business, you can register for PayAgent from the Pay centre (Payroll > Enter pay). Click the Get started button to begin your online registration.

Only the business owner can register for PayAgent, as we need to capture sensitive information about the business.

After registering for PayAgent from within your MYOB Essentials business, you'll receive an email detailing your next steps and ask you to fill out and return some additional documents. Please do this as soon as possible. The sooner we get these documents, the sooner PayAgent can be activated for your business!

complete your payrun in MYOB Essentials as usual.

When you finalise the payrun, PayAgent takes care of the rest, including:

  • automatically debiting the gross pay from your bank account and crediting your employees with their net pay,
  • PAYE, Kiwisaver and child support contributions will be automatically paid to Inland Revenue by the 20th of the month
  • and your Employer Schedule (ir-File) will be automatically filed before the 20th of the month for you.

Note that if a NZ national public holiday falls on your usual debit day or the day the wages get paid out, you will need to process a business day earlier. This will accommodate clearing periods as the banks won’t process any debits or credits public holidays.