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The following features are available to help you ensure the accuracy of the records in your company file.

Company Data Auditor

The Company Data Auditor allows you to check the accuracy of the records in your company file. You can use this tool to perform maintenance tasks and reconcile bank or credit card accounts.

The Company Data Auditor also checks your transactions for exceptions such as invoices that do not reconcile with your receivables account, future-dated transactions, and audit trail changes.

For more information on how to use the Company Data Auditor, see Run the Company Data Auditor.

Audit trail

Transaction journal changes are tracked by the audit trail system, and you can use the Journal Security Audit report to get a summary of who changed what and when.

This report lists:

  • transactions that have had dates, accounts and amounts changed
  • transactions added, deleted and reversed.

You can filter the report by transaction date or session date, so you can see what changes were made on a particular day, or which transactions dated in within a specific range have changed.

To view the Journal Security Audit report, go to Reports > Index to Reports > Accounts tab > Security and Audit section.