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Every direct credit paid to an employee is set by payment criteria. These criteria are set from the direct credit tab in the Modify Employee Details window. An example is shown below, with the criteria fields circled in yellow.



Click the criteria field of any bank account to open the Select Payment Criteria window and alter the payment criteria.


To direct credit an employee's nett pay

Set the criteria of the last or only account to Balance rather than entering the amount of the nett pay.

This way the direct credit is automatically updated if the nett pay changes through tax changes or pay rate adjustments.

To reserve a fixed amount of cash for an employee before the direct credits are paid
  1. From the direct credit tab in the Modify Employee Details window, click Add to add a new bank account to the employee.

  2. Leave the account number blank and click Go. A new ‘account’ labeled None Entered appears.

  3. Click Balance in the None Entered line.
  4. Tick Cash, then enter the amount of cash you want to reserve and click Go.

  5. Direct credit amounts are calculated based on their order in this list, so ensure that the None Entered bank account is first on the list by clicking the arrows on the right hand side of the window.


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