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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

The pay slips you provide your employees can be customised to change their look and feel and modify what's displayed. AccountRight comes with a defaulkt pay slip form which contains

You can also create different versions of the pay slip form and save them with different names. This is handy if you have different pay slip requirements for different employees.

If you're not sure what needs to appear on a pay slip, check the FairWork website.


To customise pay slips

To customise pay slips

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Customise Forms. The Customise Forms window appears.
  2. Click the Pay Slips tab.
  3. Select the pay slip form then click Customise. The form opens, ready to be customised.
    pay slip form in editor window
  4. Customise the form to suit your needs. Here are some helpful topics:

    If you want toSee this topic
    add a business logoAdd pictures and shapes to forms
    add text or fieldsAdd text and fields to forms
    modify table columnsAdd tables to forms
    change the form size or backgroundSet the form size and background
    modify the text, fields and imagesEditing form elements
  5. To preview your form, click the Print Preview tab.

  6. When you've finished customising your form, go to the File menu and click Save As. The Save Form As window appears:
  7. Enter a name and a description for the form.
  8. Click Save then click OK to the confirmation message.
  9. To close the form, go to the File menu and choose Exit. If prompted to save again, click No. The Form window reappears. Your customised pay slip form will be listed.
    Forms window with customised form highlighted

Choosing a pay slip form to use

You can choose which pay slip form you want to use when printing or emailing your pay slips (Payroll > Print/Email Pay Slips > Advanced Filters > Selected Form for Pay Slips).

(click to enlarge)


To add employee addresses to the pay slip

To add employee addresses to the pay slip

To add the employee's address to their pay slip you'll need to add the Payee field to the pay slip form. You should also make sure the address details are up to date in your employee cards.

  1. Open the pay slip form (go to the Setup menu > Customise Forms > Pay Slips tab > select the pay slip form > Customise).
  2. On the Customise tab, click Fields.
  3. Select the Payee field and click OK.
    Customise forms window with Fields button highlighted and payee field selected
  4. Position and size the Payee field to suit your needs.
    Because the Payee field includes the employee's name, you might want to remove the Name field and replace it with the Payee field. Here's our example:
    Customised pay slip form with payee field added


To include year-to-date balances on pay slips

To include year-to-date balances on pay slips

You can include the year-to-date amounts paid and entitlement balances (which includes any carry-over balances) on your employee pay slips. Go to Setup > Preferences > Reports & Forms tab and select the option to Include all YTD amounts and Entitlement Balances on Paycheques Stubs