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These features are available only in AccountRight 2016.3 and later.

If you have lots of items, AccountRight's powerful search features enable you to find the item you want quickly, or to find a bunch of related or similar items.

Use the Search field to look for specific characters, a word or a number in all columns that are currently shown in the list.

The matching characters are highlighted in yellow so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

As you type, any items that have matching details will be listed.

Search results are highlighted in yellow

When searching amounts from this field, include commas (this isn't required when using the Filter row).

More search options

For more exact searches, try these search options:

Search optionHow it works
If you want to search for items that have one or more specific words in them, just space them out. For example, searching for Spring Water would find all items that have Spring or Water.
Place a plus sign in front of any word or character that must be found. For example, searching for +Spring Water would find all items containing Spring that also contain Water.
Place a negative (or dash) sign in front of any word you don't want to be found. For example, searching for Spring -Water would find all items containing Spring that do not also contain Water.
Exact phrase
(" ")
Place your search term in quotation marks to only find items that contain the exact phrase. For example, searching for "Spring Water" will only display items that contain the phrase Spring Water.

Want to print the Items List? Once you've found the items you were looking for, right-click the list and choose Copy List to Clipboard. You can then paste the list into a spreadsheet or any document you like, ready for printing.

Have a long list of items?

To speed up your search, you can exclude some columns from being searchable, for example, Item Number or On Hand. To do this, right-click the column you don't want to search and deselect the Is searchable option.