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ARTICLE LAST UPDATED: 29 June 2023 10:06 AM

This knowledge base will help you with printing a 5-year fee report by Client or summarise this information by Partner.

We've updated the following attached reports to include 2023 data:

  • Client 5 Year Fee Analysis
  • Client 5 Year Fee Analysis by Partner Family Groups
  • Partner Summary 5 Year Fee Analysis

We've included the March year-end option for New Zealand clients.

To run the 2023 reports:

  • Download and import the reports with the 2023 suffix. 
  • Run the reports and enter the date range 1/7/2018 to 30/06/2023.
  • For March year-end the date range is 1/4/2018 to 31/3/2023.
If you have been using Practice Manager for less than 5 years from the report end date, make sure the start date is your 'go live' date.

To download these reports, choose the relevant year below and click on the report name. Make sure you take note of the location you've saved the reports to as you'll need to know this later during the import process.

Once you've downloaded the reports, follow the steps in the attached MYOB Importing Additional Reports.pdf to import them into Practice Manager.

When importing the reports, select the MYOB Portrait template. If you currently have any of these reports listed under Fees > Debtors Invoices by Client, use the Replace option once you have selected the Import menu. This option overwrites the existing copy.
To successfully export these reports to Excel, first, print the report to screen and then select Export > Excel in the top left-hand corner. Choosing any other export option will result in an error.