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To publish a document to a client portal, you need to upload it to MYOB Practice. This can be done in several ways, depending on what software you have installed.

If the file you want to publish:

  • was added to MYOB AO/AE Document Manager: You can publish a document from Document Manager if its status is Completed or Approved.

  • is in the client document folder in MYOB AE/AO: If you use MYOB AO/AE but don't have Document Manager, you can publish documents that are accessible from the Documents tab of the client record.

  • is saved in a folder on your PC: You can create a task in MYOB Practice and attach the document to the task by selecting the folder location on your PC. This is your only option if you don’t use MYOB AO/AE, and you can't request a digital signature.

Share It

If you use MYOB AO/AE you can also use the Share It feature to publish a document to a client portal. You’ll find it:

  • on the toolbar of any print preview window of MYOB Tax, Corporate Compliance and Statutory Reporter

  • in the Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook ribbon

  • In Windows Explorer (right-click a file and choose Send to > MYOB Share It).

You can disable Share It auto prompts if you don't want to be asked to share a document each time you add one to MYOB AE/AO.