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Create general tasks for your clients from within MYOB Portal to:

  • inform your clients of outstanding information that you need
  • remind them of activities that they have to do.

You can also attach any associated documents, if needed.

When you create a general task, your client will be notified by email that there's a task waiting for them to action.

You can only create a task for a client if you've set up their portal. See for more info.

  1. Access MYOB Portal.

    You can access MYOB Portal in 2 ways:

    - directly from your browser using (if you have MYOB AE) or (if you have AO). Bookmark the page for easy access in the future.
    - clicking  on the toolbar of your desktop version of MYOB AE or MYOB AO.

  2. Click Tasks on the left.
    All your Open tasks are displayed.
  3. Click Create Task.
    The Create task page displays.

  4. Select the client and the user within the portal who will be assigned the task.
    Once you've selected your client, only the particular users of the client portal will be available for selection in the Assign to field.

  5. Enter a Title for the task.
    This title forms the subject of the email that will be sent to your client user. It will also form the title of the task that will be displayed on you Tasks page and the Tasks page of your client.
    Enter a title that is informative for both you and your client.
  6. Enter a Description.
    This forms the body of your email to your client giving them more details concerning the task.
    The Description text box contains a simple rich text editor enabling you to format the email message to your clients. For example, you're able to enter a new line of text, bold text and retain all the formatting.
  7. Attach any supporting documents relevant to the task.
    Click Choose File to browse and select the document.

    The maximum file size for a document that you can attach to a task is 18MB.

  8. Enter or select the Due date for the general task to be completed.
    Enter a date in dd/mm/yyyy format or click the calendar icon to select a due date when your client must complete the general task. This is an optional field.
  9. Click Create task.
    A task is created on your Tasks > Open tasks page and on your client's Tasks > Open Tasks page.
    An email will be sent to your client letting them know that you've assigned them a task.
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