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Accountants Enterprise only

The Main tab is the default tab that is displayed when you open a client’s Assignment Details page (see Assignment Details page). It gives an overview of the selected assignment. From here you can view and amend:

  • The Assignment Type (this cannot be changed, you can only view it).

  • The Company, Office, Department and Centre to which the assignment belongs.

  • The Date Created (when the assignment was created). This cannot be changed, it is for view only.

  • The Assignment Status (open, held or closed).

  • The Maximum Fee and Maximum Rate.

  • The Recovery Rate.

  • Any Fixed Fee Type that has been agreed with the client (this is a reminder field for when to raise a fee).

  • (Practice Manager) The Assignment Billing Timetable which is used to enter budgets and amounts used in the assignment. See Setting up assignment billing timetables to track budgets.

  • The Assignment Team and the responsibility of each team member for the assignment.
    An Assignment Team comprises employees who are assigned to the team automatically when their Primary Station Record matches that of the centre, company, office or department of the client’s assignment.

  • Notes for your own or a colleague’s information. For more information about adding or editing a note, see Notes on the Main tab.