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Practice Manager only

You can set the billing address using the Billing Wizard. Once a draft bill is created additional changes to the address can be made using Bill Address on the Billing Main page (see Selecting billing addresses and editing other information).

To set the billing address
  1. Complete Stage Three—Create billing paragraphs in the Billing Wizard.

  2. Click Next. The Stage Four—Set billing address window opens.

  3. Select the address type from the A/Type field drop-down. In MYOB AO, the default address type is Postal. In MYOB AE, the default address type is Business.

  4. Enter or edit the address fields.

  5. Select a relationship to include on the billing address, if required.

  6. Click Next to go to the Stage FiveSubmit, Authorise and Post the bill (AE)/Confirm and Post the bill (AO) window.

    Go to Stage Five—Submit, authorise and post the bill (AE)/Confirm and post the bill (AO).