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Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

The following applies only to practices which use both Jobs and Schedules. If you don't use both Jobs and Schedules, see Adding milestones to schedule templates.

To add milestones to a schedule template, milestones must have been created on the MaintenanceAssignment > Milestones page.


To add milestones to a schedule template
  1. Select MaintenanceAssignment > Assignment Templates on the main menu or MaintenanceMaintenance MapAssignment > Assignment Templates. The Maintenance Assignment Templates page opens.

  2. Select the relevant assignment template.

  3. Click the Schedules tab to view the schedule details.

  4. Enter the schedule steps as required and, in the last column, select the milestone that corresponds to the relevant schedule stages.

When a new audit assignment is added to a client, the schedule and milestones are added to the assignment. You can then track the relevant milestones in the Job Manager — Job Sheet.

The link between schedule stages and milestones is unique. You cannot link a milestone to more than one schedule stage.

You do not have to link all milestones to schedule stages. You only need to link to milestones that you want to track using the Job Manager — Job Sheet.