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Accountants Enterprise only

Use the Client page > Assignments tab to change or add milestone statuses.

To add or change the status using the Client page > Assignments tab
  1. Navigate to the Client page > Assignments tab.

  2. If necessary, right-click the table and select Show Preview Panel.

  3. Highlight the job in the top panel.

  4. Right-click the appropriate milestone in the Preview Panel.

  5. Select a status. When you update a linked milestone in the Job Sheet homepage, the linked schedule stage is updated on the assignment schedule. The reverse is also true. If a linked assignment schedule stage is updated, the linked milestone on the Homepage will be updated.

    Because milestone statuses and assignment schedule stage statuses are only linked to the status options In progress, Complete, Problem and Risk, updating a linked schedule stage with a user-created task status will clear the status of the milestone on the Job Sheet Homepage.

    Using the clear status option for a linked milestone on the Job Sheet homepage will set the linked assignment schedule stage to Not Started.