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Practice Manager only

You can reassign all or some jobs or (AE) schedules from one employee to another by bulk updating the assignments.

To update the Assigned To column
  1. From the Job Sheet homepage, select the jobs you want to assign to the employee. This can be done by Sorting, grouping and filtering jobs or schedules.
  2. Right-click on the Assigned To column heading and click Assign Employee for all Jobs. The Assign Employee for all listed Jobs window opens.
  3. If you select the Assign Employee option:
    1. Click the ellipse button to find and select the employee using the Find Employees window.
    2. Click OK. The Assigned To column is automatically updated with the selected employee’s details.
  4. If you select the Clear all Assigned Employees option:
    1. Click OK. The employee details are removed from the Assigned To column.