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Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Clients /Suppliers can be deleted using the MaintenanceClient/Supplier > Remove Client/Supplier page.

Identifying clients/suppliers to delete may take a long time.


To remove one or more clients/suppliers
  1. Select Maintenance > Client/Supplier > Remove Client/Supplier on the main menu or MaintenanceMaintenance MapClient/Supplier > Remove Client/Supplier. A List Client/Suppliers message is displayed requesting confirmation to continue as it may take a long time.

  2. Click Yes to continue. The Remove Client/Supplier page opens displaying a table listing your existing clients/suppliers that have no jobs or assignments associated with them.

  3. Click the checkbox beside the clients and/or suppliers who are to be deleted.

  4. Click Delete on the Tasks bar. A Success message is displayed confirming the deletion.

  5. Click OK.