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For a list of changes in Tax for the current release select the link Using MYOB AE/AO Tax .

Click this link for Individual tax return instructions 2017 on the ATO website.

Click this link ATO information on What’s new when completing the Individual tax return.

Data Entry

The return items are grouped by category in a series of Tab Cards:


To navigate to any item in the Individual return:

  • To go forward through the tab cards, press [Ctrl+Tab].

  • To go back through the tab cards, press [Ctrl+Shift+Tab].

  • The navigation pane displays the items for the tab card that is open.

  • Any item may be selected from the navigation pane.

  • Pointing the mouse at a field and left clicking once will move focus to that field.

  • The [Tab] key moves forward through the items on the open tab card.

  • Pressing [F2] and keying a known item number move to the first data entry field at that item.

Lodgable schedules

Data entered in ‘lodgable’ schedules will generate an attachment to the Individual return for lodgment with the ATO. Lodgable schedules are:


For dissection purposes a Generic Schedule or a data entry grid, is provided at all fields for which no specialised worksheet is provided.

The following list shows worksheets that support the return but do not generate lodgable attachments. These worksheets are opened for a Form EI by Preparation > Schedule:

Tax Offsets for the Individual return are:


Forms associated with Individual returns that are lodged separately are:

Processes for Individual returns include:

PAYG Instalment estimates

Where the Individual is liable to pay PAYG Instalments, a choice of 2 What-if PAYG Instalment estimates (Instalment Income by Base rate xPI or a GDP-Adjusted instalment estimate xPG) may be created by opening the relevant one from the Preparation > Schedule menu and electing to use values from one of the current year or the 2 immediate prior year returns.

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