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This worksheet records the details of payments received from the:

  • DHS, Centrelink—for example, Newstart, youth allowance and Austudy
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs under the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP).
  • Don't enter parental leave and/or dad and partner payments received from the Family Assistance Office (FAO) here. Enter them at item 1: Salary or wages as those payments don't qualify for the beneficiary tax offset.
  • Don't enter payments that are exempt. See Exempt income.

What do I need?

You need all the payment summaries you have received from the DHS or Veterans' Affairs. See Australian-Government-allowances-and-payments on the ATO website.

Find the worksheet at item 5: Australian Government Allowances and payments—label A.

Click label A or press Alt+S to open the worksheet. Alternatively, you can use the Pre-fill Manager.

Australian Government allowances and payments worksheet example

You can enter up to 5 payment summary transactions.

  • To create additional rows press Ctrl+Insert.
  • To delete excess rows press Ctrl+Delete.

The F4 estimate includes any Beneficiary tax offset available.

If there is both a Beneficiary tax offset (BTO) and a Senior or Pensioner's tax offset (SATO) calculated on F4, you cannot have both. You'll be given the higher of the two.

Pre-filling from the ATO Portal

The aga worksheet fields receive information from the ATO Portal pre-fill report. For practices currently using the Pre-fill functionality for Interest and Dividends in the int or div worksheets, the aga behaves in the same way.

With the income tax return open, select Utilities > Import from Tax Office Pre-fill Report. MYOB Tax reads the Pre-fill report and populates the worksheet with text and amounts.

Following the import, a report is printed advising what was or was not imported; including any messages regarding the client’s Family Tax Benefits status, if relevant.

When Pre-fill completes, we'll ask if you want to Print Import Summary?

Select Yes to see the preview or print options.