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Click these links to open the Guide to capital gains tax (NAT 3423) and Personal investors guide to capital gains tax (NAT 4152) on the ATO website. Alternatively, see the Capital Gains home page on the ATO website.

This Capital Gains worksheet index lists sufficient information about each Capital Gains transaction for easy identification. This information includes:

CategoryCategory of the asset. Category Z assets are added to the worksheet as the result of a distribution received from a Partnership or Trust.
ItemNumber by which the asset will be referenced.
DescriptionDescription or name of the asset. For AE and Series 6 & 8, if you have added the code for the Asset Item and its description to your list of Standard answers, click [F7], [F10] or ^ plus the code to default the description from the Standard answers to the new entry.
Populate BWSelect this checkbox for the Schedule BW to be completed from the information in the capital gains worksheet. If the desired integration to the BW cannot be achieved for any reason, you should deselect the Populate BW checkbox and complete the BW manually. If this course of action is necessary, all events on the capital gains worksheet must be entered manually.

Options available:

  • To edit a capital gains transaction, highlight the required transaction in the index, then click Properties. The transaction details are available for editing.

  • To create a new worksheet, click New and record the details of the transaction.

  • To remove a transaction, highlight it and click Delete.

  • To close the index click Cancel or [Esc].