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This worksheets records:

  • the details of any share of income or loss received from another partnership
  • deductions your partnership may have incurred in earning that share of income from another partnership.

Don't include deductions concerned with running your own partnership.

You can have up to 99 dip worksheets for any return.

What do I need?

You'll need the Statement(s) of distribution you've received from any other partnership.

You'll find the worksheet by clicking in the:

  • Individual return at item 13: labels N or O—Primary or non-primary production income
  • Partnership or trust return at item 8: labels—A or B Primary or non-primary production income
  • Company return at income item 6: label D—Gross distributions from partnerships
  • Preparation > Schedules > Distributions from partnerships worksheet (dip)

What will MYOB Tax do?

We'll create the dip worksheet if:

  • you act for the distributing partnership and
  • you use F8 or click Distribute at item 51: Statement of distribution to distribute the income or loss to the partners.

We'll create the dip worksheet in these returns:

Individual–in each partner's return at item 13:

  • Label NPrimary production
  • Label ONon-primary production

Partnership or trust at item 8:

  • Label A—Primary production
  • Label B—Non-primary production

Company Income item 6: label DGross distribution from partnerships

Distributions from partnerships example - Individual return

If you don't act for the distributing partnership, create a dip to record distributions received from other partnerships.

You can create more than one dip. When more than one exists, each of their names will show in the Select Schedule index of the dip.

There are variations to the layout for the dip because different rules and item labels apply to some form types.


Click Select to edit a dip from the list, or New to create a new one.

Amounts entered will filter through to the relevant item labels in the main return. When distributing the partnership's income or loss, we'll create a dip for each partner's return.


Avoiding a primary production query from the ATO.

Primary producers in the PP Averaging system who have not received a distribution of PP income this year, need to enter a zero at item 13:

  • NPrimary production distribution from partnerships or
  • LPrimary production distribution from trusts

Doing this shows the ATO that although you haven't received a distribution of PP income this year, you're not leaving the PP Averaging System.

Partnerships that are a small business

We'll use the Share of net small business income to calculate each partner's small business income tax offset (SBITO).

Required fields for PLS lodgment

We'll use the coloured field amounts to pre-fill each partner's individual return items:

  • IT5: label X Net financial investment loss
  • IT6: label YNet rental loss fields.

See IT5: Financial investment income and deductions (fil) and IT6: Net rental income and deductions (rpl).

Integration from other worksheets for individuals

Data can integrate to the dip (for an individual return only) from:

  • the depreciation worksheet (d)

  • the motor vehicle worksheet (mve).

You can't edit these fields. We'll display amounts you've integrated from a depreciating asset or from a share of motor vehicle expenses.

Press Enter at Amounts from the depreciation worksheet or Amounts from the motor vehicle worksheet to open that worksheet.

For partnership and trust returns only:

We've provided a Quick access link in the dip to the Foreign income worksheet (for).

We'll use the information in the for worksheet to calculate each partner's share of the foreign income tax offset (FITO).