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This is a Tax worksheet for the dissection of items making up Other Australian income in Partnership and Trust returns. The Excepted net income column only applies to Trusts.

This worksheet is for record keeping purposes only and is not lodged with the ATO.

Once an Other income worksheet has been attached to a return the corresponding item in the income tax return is closed and all changes must be made by opening the worksheet.

The worksheet provides for one entry for each type of income listed here:

  • Benefits from share acquisition schemes

  • Foreign exchange capital gains and losses

  • Royalties

  • Lump sum payments in arrears

  • Life Assurance bonus

  • Other income

The Total is made up of the sum of the Excepted Net income entries and is integrated to the Excepted Net Income information label in the main return. The Assessable Income entries are created as repeatable fields and totalled to label O.