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If you've upgraded from a lower AccountRight product to a higher AccountRight product, some command centres might not show. For example, if you've upgraded to AccountRight Plus or Premier (Australia only) and you’ve never used payroll features before, the Payroll command centre won’t appear. Similarly, if you've upgraded from AccountRight Basics to AccountRight Standard, the Purchases and Inventory command centres won't appear.

Try before you buy

AccountRight lets you try any product in the AccountRight range by using the sample company file (Clearwater). This means if you only have a license for AccountRight Basics or Standard, you can take a look at the features and functions in a higher product, like AccountRight Plus or Premier.

To change your AccountRight product

Although you can explore any product level with your software, you can only upgrade files to a higher product level (for example, from AccountRight Basics to AccountRight Standard, AccountRight Plus, or AccountRight Premier).

Here's how:

  1.  Open your company file.
  2. Go to the Help menu and choose Change Product.
  3. Select the product you’re changing to.
  4. Click OK. You'll be prompted to confirm your company file in the new product.
  5. Confirm the company file.

Downgrading not available

Once an AccountRight v19 company file has been upgraded to the new AccountRight, it can't be downgraded. Pre-upgraded company files can still be opened in AccountRight v19.