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Selecting Trust this device for 30 days when you sign in to skip two-factor authentication for the next thirty days. For your security, Trust this device for 30 days only works when you sign in with the same device and the same browser you were using when you selected it (e.g. using Chrome on your laptop, or Internet Explorer on your tablet).

Two-factor authentication (2FA) keeps your account protected if your password is compromised. Because Trust this device bypasses 2FA, you should only select this setting on devices that are not shared, and that you know are secure.

If you or anyone else tries to sign in from another computer, 2FA will still be required.

Don’t select Trust this device on a shared device.



I'm being asked to enter the authentication code after I’ve selected ‘Trust this device for 30 days’

If you’re prompted for 2FA when signing in, despite having selected Trust this device for 30 days, it’s probably for one of the following reasons:


You've logged in using a different browser or computer

The  Trust this device setting is saved by the browser you’re using, on the device you’re using - not by your MYOB account. This means that if you selected Trust this device while signing in, then later you sign in using a different browser or a different computer, you’ll be asked for a 2FA code.

The fix for this is simple - you can set Trust this device on multiple browsers and computers, so set it on each browser and computer you use, once a month.

Note : When you sign into an AccountRight online file, the sign in window opens in Internet Explorer (even though it looks like you haven’t left AccountRight). This means that when you selected Trust this device , the setting is saved in Internet Explorer. If you use a different browser (e.g. Chrome) when you sign in to other products then you'll need to set it for the other browser as well.

'Trust this device' setting has been overridden by another user

The Trust this device setting is saved by the browser you’re using, and will only remember one user at a time. So if someone logs in to their account after you and selects Trust this device , you’ll be asked for a 2FA code next time you sign in.

This might seem like a needless hassle but 2FA is designed as a second layer of protection for your account, so it’s not designed to work on shared devices.

You might experience this if you have a shared device in your business – like a shared computer used in a training room. This computer might be ‘secure’ because it’s part of your business and running antivirus software, but because it’s shared you should always use 2FA when you use it to sign in to your MYOB account.

Your browser settings are clearing cookies when you exit the browser

Make sure your browser settings are not set to 'Clear cookies on exiting the browser'.

For instructions on this, see the help for your internet browser. Here are the steps for Internet Explorer , Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox .

Your antivirus software is clearing your cookies

Make sure that your antivirus software settings do not clear cookies in your browser. To do this, see the help for your antivirus software.

You're signing out of AccountRight

Signing out of AccountRight will clear the 'Trust this device' setting. To keep the setting, close the AccountRight window using the X in the top right corner, or click File > Exit instead of signing out.

Only signing out of AccountRight clears the trusted device setting. Signing out of other MYOB products won’t clear the setting.

If none of these steps work, and you're using app-based 2FA, try switching to email 2FA. See Setting up two-factor authentication.


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