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To change a company name, members must hold and attend a meeting to pass a "special resolution". In this meeting, members can vote in favour of changing the company name.

If the resolution is passed, you'll need to lodge a form 205 - Notification of resolution. This lets ASIC know that the company wants to change its name.

You can track the status of the form from the Client lodgements page.

To notify ASIC of a company name change
  1. Select your client from My List and click Corporate admin on the top-menu bar.
  2. Click Manage an entity on the top-right of the screen and choose Notify of changes to company name - Form 205. The Notify of changes to company name - Form 205 page appears.

  3. Answer either Yes or No to the following questions. Depending on your answer, you may have additional fields to complete.

    1. Do you wish to use the Australian Company Number (ACN) for this company's name?

      • Select Yes to change the company name to the ACN. For example, 001 001 001 PTY LTD.

      • Select No to enter the new company name in the What is the proposed company name? field.

    2. Has a name reservation been lodged to reserve the proposed new company name?
      • Select Yes if you've reserved the name with ASIC and they've provided you with a reservation number. Enter the number in the What is the ASIC reservation number? field.

      • Select No if you don't have a reservation number for the proposed name.

    3. Is a manual review required by ASIC?
      • Select Yes if you require ASIC to manually review the application. You may want to select this option if the name contains restricted words or expressions. If you select Yes, provide some text to support the application.
      • Select No if you don't require to ASIC to manually review your application. You may choose this option if you're certain the proposed name will be accepted. For example, if the name is unique and restricted words haven't been used.
    4. Is the proposed name identical to a registered business name?
      • Select Yes if the name is identical to a registered business name. You'll need to declare that you own or, are registering the name for the owner of the identical business name.

        1. In the What is the ABN of the identical business name? field, enter the ABN of the business with the similar name.

        2. Select I hereby declare that I own, or am registering the company for the owner(s) of the identical business name(s), the registration details of which are listed.

      • Select No if the business name is unique or, if the business with the identical name is not owned by you or your client.

  4. Enter the Date of meeting where the resolution was passed.

  5. Enter details of the resolution in the Resolution details field.
  6. Select the checkbox I hereby acknowledge that by submitting this form I am responsible for payment of $403 to ASIC. On completion of this form ASIC will send an invoice to the nominated registered agent.

  7. Select a signing officer.
  8. Click Create task.