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The error "You have indicated that the transaction is to be paid electronically" can happen when paying a bill or recording a spend money transaction.

Here's an example:

example error in Pay Bills

There are two reasons this error can happen:

  • If you're recording a spend money transaction to be paid electronically and you've selected a customer card (customers can't be paid electronically).
  • The account you've chosen in the Pay from Account field has incorrectly been set up as your linked account for electronic payments. There are steps to fix this below.

What is the Bank Account for Electronic Payments?

This is a clearing account that’s used to keep track of electronic payments that haven’t been processed yet. The payments are cleared from this account and withdrawn from your bank account when you process an electronic payment.

Learn more about linked accounts

To change the linked account
  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Linked Accounts > Accounts and Banking Linked Accounts.
  2. Change the Bank Account for Electronic Payments to your Electronic Clearing Account. Even if you don't use electronic payments, this field should not be set to any of your main bank accounts. If you're not sure which account to choose, check with your accounting advisor.
    Linked account for electronic payments set to electronic clearing account
  3. Click OK to save your changes.